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ICC Coaching Certification

The International Coaching Community (ICC), founded by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages in 2001, is one of the largest global professional organizations for coaches. 

They have certified over 15,000 coaching professionals across 78 countries and provide training in various niches like business, team, executive, and life coaching.

To learn more about ICC and how you can get certified through them, be sure to keep reading!

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About the International Coaching Community

The ICC adopted Lambent’s training programs and methodology, which are highly regarded and have even earned the prestigious European Quality Award (EQA) from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Their main offering is the International Coaching Certification. This training covers essential coaching skills for both personal and organizational settings, providing a comprehensive foundation for both new and experienced coaches.

Note: If you’ve been researching life coaching courses, you’ve probably heard of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) accreditation. The ICC Coaching Certification doesn’t have this credential, but you can obtain it through a different life coaching course, such as our go-to choice, Coach Training Alliance. Be sure to read our CTA review if you want ICF accreditation

Pros and Cons of ICC Coaching Certification

Let’s look at the International Coaching Certification’s features, duration, and pricing.

Face-to-Face or Online Training

The International Coaching Certification is delivered live, and you can choose between face-to-face and online training.

However, since there are trainers from various countries, you’ll sometimes have to adjust with the mode of delivery they prefer.

You can check this training calendar to see which trainers and formats are available on your preferred dates.

Variety of Learning Exercises

To keep you engaged and actively participating in the training, you’ll need to complete activities like self-coaching projects, book reviews, self-evaluations, conceptual integration tasks, and client coaching projects. 

These activities complement the live training. 

Diverse Coaching Topics

The program covers various topics essential for impactful coaching. 

You’ll learn tactical and strategic coaching techniques, hone your skills in guiding clients to more satisfying lives, and master the art of listening and asking powerful questions, among many others. 

How Long is the ICC Coaching Certification Program?

The ICC Coaching Certification program will take you 3-5 months to complete. This includes the live training and the self-directed assignments. 

The live training typically lasts around 3 months, so it’s up to you when to complete the remaining prerequisites to get certified.

Note: If live lessons just don’t fit into your busy schedule, self-paced courses are a great alternative. Our top pick for self-directed coach training is Transformation Academy. Their certifications are affordable and CPD-accredited. Plus, they offer a wide variety of specialty courses if you’re interested in a specific niche. Check out our TA review to see why we recommend them so highly.

How Much Does the ICC Coaching Certification Cost?

There is no information about the cost of ICC certifications. The only way to find out how much the training costs is to get in touch with their representatives

ICC Coaching Certification Reviews

There aren’t many reviews on the program, but the few that are available praise the comprehensive curriculum, practical aspects, and interactive training. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

Becoming a certified coach was my goal. When I carefully researched certification training, I thoroughly investigated all the other institutions, but none offered a more blended curriculum, well structured, effectively delivered, and ultimately reliable as the ICS Coaching Certification Training. I would recommend this certification training to anyone who wants to become a coach or to experienced coaches.

Claudia Salazar

A well put-together and useful program that went deep and wide, with clearly defined concepts, good pacing, appropriate use of repetition and reinforcement, a thoughtful mixture of content and practice, mentoring and community building, and inspiration. Thank you!

Barbara Dyar

This Coach training experience far exceeded my expectations. The experiential learning and face-to-face presentations are unique in today’s coach training environment.

Reverend Marilyn Wadkins

Is the ICC Coaching Certification Program For You?

As we’ve mentioned, the program offers many advantages. You will receive an internationally recognized credential, learn from experts through interactive lessons, engage in practical assignments, and join a community of like-minded coaches. 

However, the program lacks accreditation which can be a deal-breaker. If accreditation is one of the top things you’re looking for in a program, check out these amazing alternatives:

  • The Certified Coach Program by Coach Training Alliance – A comprehensive, ICF-accredited program designed to equip you with practical coaching skills. The program lasts about six months and focuses on both coaching techniques and business development aspects.​
  • Professional Life Coach Certification by Transformation Academy – Offers a variety of specialty courses, allowing you to pursue niche certifications. The courses are self-paced, making it a flexible option for those with busy schedules.
  • Coach Training Program by iPEC – iPEC’s program is comprehensive and includes over 350 training hours. It’s ICF-accredited and focuses on both life coaching and business coaching.
  • NLP Integrated Life Coach Training by iNLP Center – Integrates Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with life coaching. It is self-paced and takes approximately 160 hours to complete. The iNLP Center is known for its comprehensive online training platform and is accredited by the ICF and INA.

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