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iPEC Coaching Review – Is it Right for You?

Last updated on February 26, 2024

So you’ve decided you want to become a life coach (congratulations!), and you’re searching for the best coaching certification. You analyze each program: is it legit? Is it accredited? Is it worth the cost? Are there positive reviews? With so many coaching schools out there, how ever will you choose?

Not to worry. We’re here to help with our series on the best life coach training and certification programs. Today, we’re looking at iPEC Coaching to help you discover whether becoming an iPEC-certified professional coach is right for you. We’ll look at the curriculum, time commitment, and costs, as well as numerous iPEC Coaching reviews. Let’s dive in! 

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About iPEC Coaching

iPEC Coaching (formerly Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) is one of the most recognized and highly-respected life coaching training programs in the industry. Founded in 1978, they boast 25,000+ graduates and the most accreditations of any of the top life coach certification programs.

The iPEC Coaching Philosophy

iPEC believes that a coach’s role isn’t to direct, advise, or even serve as a consultant for their clients. Rather, iPEC’s philosophy is that each individual is an expert on themselves; they only need the guidance of a well-trained coach to discover “their underlying thoughts, emotions, and energy… to tackle the root cause of [the] client’s challenges.” 

iPEC coaches use the Core Energy Coaching™ process (which is backed by 30 years of research in the science of consciousness) to help clients create powerful and sustainable change in their lives. 

iPEC Coaching and Accreditation

If you’re wondering whether iPEC Coaching is legit, the answer is a resounding “yes”! Just look at this lineup of accrediting bodies that back the iPEC method:

If you’ve already done a bit of research on whether accreditation matters to become a life coach, the acronym ICF probably rings a bell. ICF, the International Coaching Federation, is the biggest name in coaching program accreditations—and iPEC boasts 20+ years as an ICF-accredited program!

iPEC is also recognized by the Human Resources Certification Institute, the Society for Human Resource Management, and is a provider for the Board Certified Coach Credential through the Center for Credentialing Education. 

(If accreditation is important to you, check out our review of Coach Training Alliance, another popular option for life coach certification online.) 

Pros and Cons of an iPEC Coaching Certification

Before deciding to become a certified professional coach with iPEC, you’ll want to look into the iPEC Coaching cost, how many training hours iPEC requires, and what the program entails. Here we’ll break it down for you.  

3 Certifications in One Program

Upon completing the iPEC coach training program, you’ll have not 1, not 2, but 3(!) certifications as evidence of your comprehensive knowledge of coaching techniques. You can download their free ebook to compare the coaching programs and see which is right for you.

Not only will it increase your own confidence, but this can lend some serious credibility when you want to attract more coaching clients.

This is possible due to the HUNDREDS of practice coaching hours integrated into the course—the most of any life coach certification program we’ve seen! iPEC training for life coaches provides up to 320 hours of world-class coach training program hours and practicum, 200 of which are ICF-accredited training hours. (As a point of reference, the baseline requirement for entry-level accreditation with ICF is just 60 hours—so iPEC far exceeds that, guaranteeing that their graduates are some of the most experienced and best prepared in the coaching industry.)

Niche / Specialty Training

Choosing a niche can be an important step in honing in on your ideal clients. For the third certification through iPEC, practitioners will choose one of four tracks: general Life Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, Executive and Leadership Development Coaching, and Sports and Performance Coaching.

And, utilizing the resource library, you can choose to narrow your focus even further in areas like relationship coaching, transition coaching, parents and teens coaching, small business & professionals coaching, and more. 

Hybrid Model: Self-Paced Learning + Live Sessions (In-Person or Virtual)

Unlike some programs, which are strictly self-paced and may leave you feeling isolated and needing support, iPEC Center strikes the perfect balance between real-time interactive sessions and independent study. 

iPEC’s model is through experiential learning; that is, you’ll learn to coach, and you’ll be coached—via six 1:1 sessions with a Mentor Coach (a huge bonus compared to other certifications where you have to find and pay a coach on your own). 

You’ll also get three sessions with a Success Coach who can help you with the business side of things, peer coaching to practice with classmates, and monthly webinars hosted by iPEC Trainers who are masters in their field. With such regular check-ins, you’ll develop a community and network with your colleagues, which will serve you during your training and down the road. 

Then there’s lifetime access to a massive resource library with ready-made materials for use with clients (no more spending hours designing intake forms and activities for sessions), plus tools for building your business, including self-assessments and apps.

The program includes three live three-day Modules of training, with scheduling options for every whim, from in-person to virtual, midweek to weekend, and flexible timing to work around your schedule. 

Note: If your ideal learning model is one that’s exclusively online and self-paced with no offline activities, check out our review of Transformation Academy’s life coach trainings.

How Long is the iPEC Program?

All in all, iPEC training is a year-long commitment. Fortunately, this won’t hold you back from jumpstarting your business and earning while you study, as you can start working with clients right after your first in-person module!

The program is divided into two segments: Phase One of the program can be completed in about 7–8 months. At the end of Phase One, you’ll have earned your Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) certifications. but take note that 

During Phase Two, you’ll earn your Specialist certification. This can be completed in about 3–4 months. 

How Much Does iPEC Coaching Training Cost?

Maybe you’ve heard that iPEC Coaching is one of the pricier options for life coach school, but hear us out—you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck!

Tuition rates for iPEC life coach certification are based on 3 payments of $4,665 (currently discounted to 3 payments of $4,531.67), but the admissions staff is committed to helping students find payment options that fit their needs. Right now, you can get up to $600 off tuition.

The iPEC admissions team offers no-interest payment plans, loans, and assistance obtaining employer-sponsored professional development plans. Plus, there’s eligibility screening for tuition reduction, a discount for completing pre-course work before the deadline, and other incentives to receive up to $400 back.

Many students also earn income while they learn by taking on clients after completing their first three-day module.

Considering you’re getting up to 320 ICF-accredited training hours, when you calculate the per-hour value of study with iPEC, it’s actually quite the deal!

iPEC Coaching Reviews

Before committing to an intensive life coach training course, you’ll want to check out what other students and graduates are saying about the program. Here we’ve compiled the most helpful iPEC reviews. 

Reviews From Graduates

Life Coach Magazine Featured Coach Parita Kuttappan had a great experience with iPEC and had this to say about the program:

I found the iPEC program to be thorough and very coach-focused, meaning it was as much about development journey to becoming a coach as it was about giving me the necessary tools to build and grow my coaching practice. The facilitators, the material, the support, and structure gave me everything I needed to approach coaching confidently.

Not surprisingly, the reviews on iPEC’s own site are overwhelmingly positive—and also genuinely inspiring!

At, iPEC has nearly 50 reviews, averaging 4.7 stars. Here’s just a small sample:

In the Training Industry directory, iPEC grads rave about “deep personal growth” and celebrate iPEC for being the “most rigorous coach training program”:

Is iPEC Coaching the Life Coach Training Program For You?

It’s clear from the positive feedback from graduates that those who’ve chosen iPEC training are satisfied with their investment of time and money in this comprehensive and distinguished training program. After all, 87% of iPEC students graduate with a paying client!

If you’re still on the fence about signing on with iPEC, here are some next steps to take:

If, after learning more about iPEC, you feel like you’re headed in another direction, be sure to check out our top picks for life coach certification, including the incredibly affordable Transformation Academy offerings and our number one selection for comprehensive coaching training, Coach Training Alliance.

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