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ISSA Nutrition Certification Reviews, Pros and Cons

Last updated on February 16, 2024

The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is a top-notch training academy that has been certifying coaches, fitness trainers, and health professionals since 1988. Their in-depth courses, accredited certifications, and science-based curriculum have earned a lot of attention, but if you want to specialize in nutrition coaching, you’ve probably narrowed down your choices to ISSA Precision Nutrition Certification.

In this post, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of this certification program. Learn everything from what the course covers to how much it costs and what ISSA nutrition certification reviews reveal about it. Let’s dive in.

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About ISSA Nutrition Certification

For its Precision Nutrition Certification, ISSA has partnered with Precision Nutrition to provide an extensive certification course that encompasses all you need to learn about nutrition. It is an online program that draws from the latest research in nutrition and behavior-change psychology. By combining nutrition science and effective coaching strategies, it aims to prepare you for success in the nutrition coaching field. 

Here are some of the topics that the course dives into:

  • Behavior change psychology techniques
  • The science behind popular and controversial topics like intermittent fasting, plant-based eating, keto, and more
  • Insights from nutrition coaches of Olympic athletes and top companies
  • How to help anyone reach their goals
  • Business strategies for a nutrition coaching business

ISSA obtains well-recognized accreditation from the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), which enhances this certification’s recognition. They are also recognized as the provider of CEUs (Continuing Education Units) by NBHWC, CPTN, USA Cycling, and ACSM.

Note: This program isn’t backed by the widely known International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification. If that’s important to you, we suggest considering the ICF-accredited and comprehensive life coach program from Coach Training Alliance, which you can learn more about in our review.

Pros and Cons of ISSA Nutrition Certification

Let’s evaluate the ISSA nutrition certification course to see if it matches your needs and goals. We’ll cover its benefits, how long it takes, the cost, and students’ experiences.

Over 40 Nutrition Coaching Tools

In addition to a robust syllabus that builds a strong theoretical background in nutrition coaching, this course also equips you with powerful tools. You’ll receive dozens of assessment forms and questionnaires that you can use in your work with clients. All of them are proven tools tested by experts and professionals. 

Professional Edition Nutrition Calculator

Nutrition coach with client - Institute of Transformational Nutrition Review – Is It Right Coaching Certification For You?

With the help of ISSA’s Nutrition Calculator, you’ll be able to make personalized eating plans for yourself and your clients in no time. Just input details like age, weight, goals, and food preferences into the Professional Edition Nutrition Calculator, and you’ll get a customized eating plan. This nifty tool can save you a lot of time.

Online Community

You can make meaningful connections with like-minded people and top experts through ISSA’s online community. Whether you want to ask questions, receive feedback from top coaches, or exchange challenges with peers, this virtual community guarantees you constant support.

How Long is the ISSA Nutrition Certification Course?

Precision Nutrition Certification is a self-paced course, so you are free to work at your own pace since there’s no fixed deadline. Upon receiving your course materials, you’ll find customized forms and tools that allow you to study, practice with real cases, and take end-of-chapter open-book exams in your own time. On average, it takes about 4-5 months to go through all the materials. 

How Much Does the ISSA Nutrition Certification Cost?

This comprehensive course is priced at $999. The cost is reasonable, considering that it offers months of learning materials, support through an online community, and a wide variety of nutrition and coaching tools. It’s also worth noting that they will ship you the three textbooks that come with the program without any additional costs. 

Note: For a more cost-effective training, we recommend Transformation Academy. They offer a wide range of specialized certifications, including a Health and Nutrition Coach Certification and Master Wellness Life Coach bundle. Check our TA review to understand why this is our top budget-friendly pick.

ISSA Nutrition Certification Reviews

This certification program receives glowing reviews, with students and graduates praising the practicality and ease of applying the information they’ve learned. Let’s take a glance at several testimonials. 

After getting certified, I feel truly confident to launch my own nutrition coaching business. There were so many things I learned throughout the course. Having my credentials has made all the difference, and I love being a part of the PN family.

Baylee Rayl

This course was beautifully written and explained. The tests covered what they needed for each week/chapter. Please take this course! Once completed, my final exam covered EVERYTHING, and I was given my results and certification instantly.

Amber Charles

Not only did I understand the information in the PN level 1 but I actually ENJOYED IT!  It’s also changed the trajectory of my career path. I’m a 9-5er, and I love my job but I always wanted to help people. Now I can help.

Brittany Williams

After losing 60lbs myself, I wanted to be able to help other people do the same thing. But, I wanted to make sure I had the credibility to be taken seriously. ISSA gave me that opportunity with a certification in Nutrition. Their online, self-paced program was perfect for me and the material was well-organized and informational. The online text covered everything from basic nutritional definitions to cellular metabolism. And the test is no joke! I felt challenged and accomplished upon receiving notification that I passed. I’m grateful to ISSA for their learning experience and the opportunity to become more educated about my goals of helping others overcome their fitness challenges. I can see other certifications in my future!

Michael Dokter

Is the ISSA Nutrition Certification Program For You?

The ISSA is a highly respected organization with NCCA-accredited certifications, so their Precision Nutrition Certification will surely bring you recognition and credibility. If you like the self-paced system, we would certainly recommend this course. 

The syllabus is based on proven and research-based information, and you’ll also receive practical tools for simplifying your coaching processes. The numerous assessments will keep you on track and help you keep up with your learning progress. So, overall, this is a great nutrition course.

If you’re unsure about the course’s suitability for your goals, you can take the following actions to find the right pick:

For outstanding life coach training and ICF accreditation, be sure to revise our top selection, Coach Training Alliance.

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