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Jay Shetty Certification School Reviews, Price, and Pros and Cons

Last updated on February 21, 2024

If you’ve been researching life coaching certification programs, you’ve likely stumbled upon the renowned Jay Shetty Certification School. While Jay Shetty’s coaching has been widely embraced, you might be wondering if this program is truly the right fit for you. 

Will it equip you with the necessary skills to become a successful coach? Can it help you attract new clients and propel your coaching career to new heights? And perhaps most importantly, can it justify the investment it requires? 

Let’s dive into Jay Shetty Certification School reviews, costs, and benefits to determine if this program lives up to the hype.

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Who Is Jay Shetty?

Jay Shetty is an award-winning author, motivational speaker, and podcaster. He has lived as a monk for three years, embracing humanitarian work, meditation, and reflection. One of his biggest accomplishments is his viral success on social media platforms, where his inspirational videos have reached billions of views. Jay Shetty is also a New York Times bestselling author, with his book Think Like a Monk and was named as a member of Forbes 30 Under 30

About Jay Shetty Certification School Coaching

Over 2 million students have completed the Jay Shetty life coach training, which focuses on essential aspects of life such as relationships, purpose, and happiness. The course delves into three key pillars of coaching: becoming a successful and confident coach, coaching clients effectively, and building a profitable business. You can obtain the certification by mastering Jay’s 10 Coaching Competencies and acquiring the same wisdom that Jay has applied through his extensive coaching experience. 

The Jay Shetty Certification School Coaching Philosophy

Jay Shetty’s coaching philosophy is based on traditional coaching theories, industry competencies, international standards, and Shetty’s personal experience. He blended his own innovative methodologies with the foundations of coaching to create a unique framework known as the “ABCs of Coaching.” The purpose of the framework is to teach aspiring coaches how to guide their clients toward transformational growth while adhering to recognized industry standards.

Jay Shetty Certification School Coaching and Accreditation

The Jay Shetty Certification School holds official membership with the Association for Coaching (AC). As active members, they adhere to the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors and ensure ethical and professional standards in their coaching practices.

Life Coach with Clients - Human Potential Academy Reviews – Become a Certified Coach

The school is also an approved center by OTHM, which means that they have the authority to award Postgraduate Diploma (Level 7) qualifications. What this signifies is that the completion of the program aligns with the academic entry requirements of universities. However, it’s important to note that individual assessments and additional entry requirements may vary and impact university admissions for each applicant.

Note: If you seek accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which is recognized as the gold standard in the coaching industry, we recommend the Coach Training Alliance program. You can read more about CTA in our review.

Pros and Cons of the Jay Shetty Certification School Coaching Certification

Before investing your time and money in a certification program, you’ll want to consider the cost, time commitment, and what the program has to offer. Let’s break it down.

Unique Coaching Framework

Adopting the authentic coaching framework is certainly one of the advantages of Jay Shetty’s certification program. The ABC Coaching Framework develops competencies that enable you to skillfully and responsibly tap into your clients’ full potential. Through these teachings, you will acquire proficiency in 10 core skills:

  1. Meet ethical, legal, and professional guidelines
  2. Establish a coaching agreement and outcomes
  3. Build a trust-based relationship with the client
  4. Self-manage and maintain a strong coaching presence
  5. Communicate effectively
  6. Raise awareness and insight
  7. Design strategies and actions
  8. Maintain forward momentum and evaluation
  9. Undertake continuous coach development
  10. Above all, do no harm; respect the client’s dignity, autonomy, and boundaries

Free Foundation Course

The first program that Jay Shetty offers is free of charge. The Pathway To Life 6-Day Program is a mini training course that can help you assess whether Jay’s teaching style, approach to coaching, and principles align with your vision and goals. During those six days, you will receive daily videos and go through the following lessons:

  1. Why and how to be a life coach
  2. Are you ready to be a life coach?
  3. Finding your coaching path
  4. Creating your coaching mission and values
  5. Building a coach-client relationship on the coaching roadmap
  6. Establishing a life coaching practice with Jay Shetty

Diversified Training Program

The training program encompasses self-study, coursework, reflection, and coaching practice, so you’ll get to learn individually and within a group. The diverse material will ensure that your learning journey is engaging and practical. 

You’ll receive training videos, Jay’s demo coaching sessions, quizzes, guided reflection journaling sessions, PDF study guides, exercises, and marketing resources. 

The interactive part of the program includes monthly live group calls with Jay, weekly group coaching calls, mentorship, supervised coaching practice, external coaching practice exercises, peer coaching exercises, and access to the community of students, mentors, graduates, and supervisors.

Another benefit is the ready-to-use toolbox containing dozens of Jay’s coaching tools and templates for sessions that you can use with your clients.

After you complete the program, your coach profile will be added to the Jay Shetty Coach Platform, a global platform for finding coaches. This will provide you with an opportunity to connect with clients.

How Long is the Jay Shetty Certification School Program?

The Jay Shetty Certification School program is self-paced, so there are no time limitations that dictate when you need to complete it. Training videos total around 120 hours, so if you invest 3 or more hours a day, 5 days a week, you can finish the course in approximately 8 weeks.

How Much Is the Jay Shetty Certification School?

The drawback of the program is the lack of transparency when it comes to pricing. To find out how much the Jay Shetty Certification School costs, you need to schedule a call with an enrollment advisor. 

Considering the detailed curriculum, mentorship support, and vast library of resources, the price undoubtedly falls within the mid to high range.

If you’re not ready for a big financial investment in a life coaching program, we suggest that you check out the budget-friendly Transformation Academy, which we have thoroughly analyzed in our TA review.

Jay Shetty Certification School Coaching Reviews

Students and graduates who have experienced the program firsthand are one of the most valuable sources of information when assessing a program’s worth. Let’s see what people have to say about Jay Shetty’s program.

Reviews From Graduates

On the Jay Shetty Certification School website, you can watch video testimonials from graduates and hear their impressions. 

We have also found numerous written reviews that capture the essence of the program and its benefits:

Jay Shetty Certification School is an excellent school and a totally amazing experience. The structure of the course is well laid out and really insightful. I love how Jay explains each lesson, making it so easy to follow and understand. The forums are helpful and friendly, giving that extra support and encouragement along the process. The supervisors are extremely supportive and approachable. All in all this school has been well-designed, enabling an opportunity for even those in full-time employment to study and qualify. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in a transformational coaching program.

Tina M.

I’m super excited about Jay Shetty’s Certification School. I feel like this course has already added purpose to my life and is expanding my self-awareness. The teaching material is really excellent in quality, delivery, and substance. Jay is an excellent teacher, and the course supervisors are really amazing and will guide you through the study process. It’s as professional as any university certification program. If you’ve ever thought about helping people or about becoming a life coach, I wouldn’t look anywhere else, to be honest. It’s straight up the BOMB dot com, and you can do it at home.

Sam B.

Being a student in the Jay Shetty Certification School online program, you are not only supported in the curriculum studies but also personally supported on your own journey. Self-discovery is a rewarding by-product of the pursuit to help others discover themselves, and this course will be with you all the way along your path to serve.

Amanda C.

Is Jay Shetty Certification School Coaching the Life Coach Training Program For You?

For anyone wondering whether Jay Shetty School is legit, the numerous written reviews and video testimonials prove its legitimacy and value. 

Is it a worthy investment? If you believe in Jay Shetty’s principles and if his techniques align with what you want to deliver in your coaching practice, then it is. 

The mentorship, practical coaching exercises, and community where you can network with fellow coaches can be invaluable resources for building coaching confidence, while the platform for finding a coach can help you reach new clients. There’s no doubt that you’ll gain a lot from this program.

If you’re still not ready to make the final decision, these steps can give you some clarity:

Whether you decide to head in a different direction or you want to explore other options before signing up, be sure to check out our top choices for life coach certification, including the number one pick for comprehensive life coach training, Coach Training Alliance, and the affordable Transformation Academy.

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