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Joeel & Natalie Rivera: Meet the Founders of Transformation Academy

Who are the founders of the globally recognized Transformation Academy? Let’s meet Joeel and Natalie Rivera, a visionary duo behind this academy that is changing the coaching industry.

Discover more about their inspiring journeys and what sparked the creation of their successful life coaching academy. We’ll also explore Joeel and Natalie Rivera reviews from graduates, as well as provide an overview of Transformation Academy.

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Who Are Joeel and Natalie Rivera?

Joeel and Natalie Rivera are a husband-and-wife team who have dedicated over a decade to coaching, speaking, writing, and teaching. They apply principles of psychology and human potential to train life coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders how to master their mindsets and build purpose-driven businesses. 

Joeel Rivera, M.Ed., is an author, entrepreneur, professional speaker, and former psychology professor who has overcome adversity and transformed his life’s purpose. After facing personal challenges like failing his first year of college and the tragic loss of his brother at a young age, he found inspiration to help others discover their true path. He pursued higher education, earning a Master’s Degree in Counseling, and is currently completing his Ph.D. in Psychology.

Natalie Rivera is an author, entrepreneur, professional speaker, and the publisher of Transformation Magazine. She experienced a profound transformation after living a dissatisfying life for a decade and battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. By completely letting go of her old habits and lifestyle, she embarked on a healing journey that led her to finding her authentic self. This is how she discovered her true calling—inspiring others as an entrepreneur and guiding them towards transformative lives.

After joining forces, Joeel and Natalie started over a dozen businesses, including a photography business, a non-profit teen coaching center, an import business, and a holistic virtual office.

How Joeel and Natalie Rivera Created Transformation Academy 

Fate brought Joeel and Natalie together, and they quickly realized their aligned visions and complementary skills. A turning point occurred when Joeel fell ill and was bedridden for nearly a year—Natalie became his caretaker.

They needed to re-strategize their approach to business to continue their work, and the solution was to fully commit to the online world and create passive income through educational content. In 2015, Joel and Natalie launched their first course—which is still a top-selling program—and their continual creation of training programs resulted in Transformation Academy. 

Transformation Academy Overview

Let’s discover more about Joeel’s and Natalie’s signature business and well-known life coach training program, Transformation Academy.

What is Transformation Academy?

Transformation Academy is an online training institution dedicated to providing people access to affordable personal development and life coaching courses. The primary focus is on equipping individuals with knowledge, tools, and skills for fulfilling their potential and embracing their true purpose. 

They offer coach certification programs, business courses, and self-mastery courses. Over 700,000 students from 200 countries have chosen TA as their go-to resource for life coach training.

Transformation Academy Accreditation

The program is accredited by the internally recognized Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office, with each course carrying this accreditation. What this means for learners is assurance that the program’s curriculum and practices adhere to the standards and principles of CPD. 

Transformation Academy Coaching Programs

What distinguishes Transformation Academy is its incredible diversity of niche courses and self-paced learning. The self-directed format allows anyone to enroll in a course, regardless of their schedule or responsibilities, and learn at their own pace. 

When it comes to coach certification programs, there are two distinct offers:

  • A la carte coaching certifications
  • Master level bundles

You can get certified in over 35 fields of life coaching, including popular niches such as Life Purpose, Health and Nutrition, Career Coaching, CBT Cognitive Behavior, and many more.

Master-level bundles give you a chance to snag four or five certifications for a budget-friendly price and specialize in several areas. Certifications are grouped based on related fields, so the Master Relationship Coach program, for example, encompasses Attracting Authentic Relationships Coach Certification, Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator Certification, People Pleaser Life Coach Certification, and Conflict Management + Relationship Growth Certification. 

Transformation Academy Cost

One of the main advantages of Transformation Academy is its pricing. The individual courses cost $197 while bundles that carry 4-5 certifications come with a price tag of $497. With our link, you can even get an 50% discount (which will be applied at the checkout).

Transformation Academy Reviews

Let’s briefly look at what students and graduates have to say about learning through Joeel’s and Natalie’s Transformation Academy courses.

Awesome educators! You just can’t take your eyes off the screen because they are so animated while talking in a cheerful manner and clear, confident voice. You will experience joy and happiness right after the first lesson. And of course, the educator’s looks and emotions already set your mood for learning and staying longer with them.

Elena Adcock, Professional Life Coach Certification

Joeel and Natalie are phenomenal instructors! I’ve been a coach for 11 years now and just finished my Master Life Coaching Certification with them…what a life-changing experience! I’m looking forward to focusing my career on helping millions of people transform their lives!

Sensei Joe, Life Coaching Business Masterclass

I really enjoyed the humility, wisdom, and level of expertise of both teachers. I’m a big-picture type of thinker but sometimes I struggle with seeing the details, so I really liked that these sections broke down the thought process into smaller detailed parts.

Jamie, CBT Cognitive Behavioral Life Coach Certification

You can also find a number of video testimonials on their website.

Is Transformation Academy by Joeel And Natalie Rivera the Right Training Program for You?

Transformation Academy has made a profound impact on the life coaching industry thanks to its blend of niche diversity, self-paced courses, practical and insightful curriculum, and budget-friendly cost that makes the courses accessible to everyone. 

Joeel and Natalie Rivera have made it possible for each individual with a passion for coaching to gain the skills, knowledge, and proven tools for launching a coaching business. That’s why Transformation Academy is one of our top picks for the best life coaching courses, alongside Coach Training Alliance (which you can learn more about in our review). 

You can also check out a dedicated review of Transformation Academy for complete details about this institution.

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