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Guide to John Mattone’s Coaching Certification

John Mattone is renowned as the world’s leading executive coach who worked with many influential leaders. His Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Certification is a 3-day ICF-accredited online training that gives you access to the unique IL process, philosophy, and executive coaching blueprint, created by the man himself.

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About IL Executive Coaching Certification 

As the name implies, ILECC, is designed for coaches who want to specialize in executive leadership development. Its primary goal is to develop your executive coaching skills through various methods, including:

  • Assessing your Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive coaching skills
  • Conducting “context” and behavioral interviews with debriefs
  • Creating Action Plans for change and growth
  • Understanding the value of leadership growth for the leader, stakeholders, and organization
  • Engaging stakeholders and mentors in the coaching process
  • Reinforcing positive behaviors
  • Learning to administer, analyze, and debrief the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI), a powerful inner-core assessment

After completing this ICF-accredited program, you’ll earn 22.25 CCEs (Coaching Continuation Education Units) and 21.75 core credits.

Pros and Cons of John Mattone Coaching Certification

Now, there are many benefits to the IL Executive Coach training. Here are some of them:

Unique Coaching Systems and Processes

ILECC introduces you to exclusive systems, methods, and processes developed by John Mattone.

You’ll learn about the Intelligent Leadership (IL) concept pioneered by John Mattone, including the 4 stages of IL and its proprietary models such as the Wheel of Intelligent Leadership, the 12 Tenets of Intelligent Leadership, the Stealth Model, and more.

Access to Executive Coaching Toolkit

Upon signing up, you’ll gain access to a resource library featuring John Mattone’s proprietary executive coaching tools, templates, sample worksheets, guides, and exercises that you can immediately use with your clientele. 

Building a Coaching Business

The program also addresses the business aspect of executive coaching. Although most of the curriculum focuses on executive coaching and Intelligent Leadership, there is a dedicated segment on business development. 

John Mattone discusses best practices for building your coaching brand and business, as well as strategies to maximize your impact and revenue.

How Long is the John Mattone Coaching Certification Course?

The Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Certification program is short and intensive, lasting only 3 days. 

Each day, you can expect to spend about 3.5 hours on training and additional time on homework. 

Upon registration, you will receive reading materials, exercises, and assessments to complete before the live online classes begin.

Note: If live learning doesn’t fit your schedule, consider affordable, self-paced certification programs like those offered by Transformation Academy. For more details, you can refer to our Transformation Academy review.

How Much Does the John Mattone Coaching Certification Cost?

The John Mattone IL Executive Coaching Certification training costs $2,500.

While it might seem pricey for a three-day training, it is reasonable compared to other programs in this niche that can exceed $10,000.

Note: If this price is higher than you initially planned to spend, consider checking out a more affordable yet reputable option, such as the Coach Training Alliance.

Their Advanced Executive Coach Training is half the price of the IL Certification and is ICF-accredited. For more information about CTA and why it is a recommended choice, see our review

John Mattone Coaching Certification Reviews

Lots of graduates have shared their impressions of the program, here are some of them:

I must tell you that the IL Coaching Program is amazing. I have done ICF, learned a lot, and been using it. But this program is very practical and holistic in approach. I always felt that since a leader is also an individual, holistic development is a must for sustained change to happen. And I loved John’s slide on the Inner core and Outer core powering the 4 As (Altruism, Affiliation, Achievement, and Abundance). By doing this, we are actually impacting not just the Leader but the whole organization. All of this deeply resonates with my core beliefs about real transformation—helping people become the best versions of themselves.

Hima Pravin

John, thank you very much for three fantastic days of community and learning. Through your diligence and hard work, you have managed to capture many of the concepts I have held for years about developing leaders. Again, thank you for your time and investment in me.

H. Nathan Charles

Hi John, thank you for the opportunity to take your Executive Coaching program. I really enjoyed it. As you know, I have been coaching/training executives in the military in their career transition, so being an Executive Coach with the certification behind it adds credibility to what I do. I have started this work fairly recently. It is also great to have your training under my belt because I have more tools now to help them in their transition, specifically developing their CPS. I like that your program has a structure to it but still has the ability to expand and contract. You have a roadmap a lot of other coaching training I have taken does not have.

Kymberli S. J. Speight

Is John Mattone Coaching Certification the Right Choice For You?

If you’re looking for reputable training that applies a unique, tried-and-tested approach to executive coaching, Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Certification by John Mattone is a solid choice. 

However, if you’re thinking about exploring more options before making a decision, check out these alternatives:

  • iNLP Center – Offers ICF-accredited, online Executive Coach Certification that uses NLP tools and coaching to help teams, executives, and organizations succeed.
  • iPEC – Provides executive coach certification approved by ICF, HRCI, SHRM, and CCE. 
  • Coach Training Alliance – Offers ICF and CCE-approved foundational and advanced certification training for aspiring executive coaches.

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