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Life Coach Training Institute Reviews, Pros and Cons

Last updated on April 12, 2024

Are you looking for a certification program that combines simplicity, affordability, and self-paced learning but also provides comprehensive training and interactive lessons? It might sound like a lot to ask for, but programs like this do exist—and the Life Coach Training Institute is one of them.

Let’s explore this academy further to see if it lives up to its reputation. We’ll delve into the details of this coaching academy, including pricing, course durations, and advantages. We’ll also share insights from Life Coach Training Institute reviews shared by students and graduates to provide a clearer picture of their experiences.

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About Life Coach Training Institute 

Life Coach Training Institute (LCTI) is one of the leading online academies that specializes in life coach training and certification. It was founded by Paul Dabdoub, an executive coach, master coach trainer, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. LCTI is the largest independent life coach training program in North America, and they’ve certified over 40,000 coaches. 

The Life Coach Training Institute Coaching Philosophy

The coaching philosophy of the Life Coach Training Institute centers on affordability, self-confidence, community, and accelerated learning. They emphasize the importance of providing affordable coaching education, instilling self-confidence in aspiring coaches, fostering a supportive community, and making coach training accessible to everyone with a passion for this calling.

Life Coach Training Institute Accreditation

Life Coach Training Institute is accredited by the International Council of Online Educational Standards (ICOES).

They’ve also launched a membership-based organization, the International Guild of Professional Coaches (IGPC), as a result of their dedication to building and maintaining relationships between coaches. 

The IGPC is a professional coaching organization that fosters innovation, continuous learning, community, and connection among coaches. The IGPC will offer membership to alumni and future graduates of the Life Coach Training Institute, with plans for board selection and nonprofit status application. 

Note: Are you interested in getting certification accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), known as the gold standard in the coaching industry? Then be sure to check out Coach Training Alliance. Learn more about them in our in-depth review.

Pros and Cons of a Life Coach Training Institute Coaching Certification

The Life Coach Training Institute might have piqued your interest already, but there’s more to discover. Join us as we explore its benefits, pricing, and duration, and dive into firsthand reviews from those who’ve gone through the program.

Diversified Certification Options

Whether you are an aspiring coach or you run a successful practice, the Life Coach Training Institute can align with your educational goals. They provide a diversified choice of certifications for coaches at different stages in their careers. Budding professionals can build a foundation with the Life Coach Certification Course, while experienced coaches can take their skills to the next level with Certified Professional Coach Certification

Comprehensive Learning 

The institute doesn’t only focus on coaching skills but also business development and marketing strategies. They are keen to equip you with the knowledge and tools to succeed as a coach. In their Business Jumpstart + Certification program bundle, you can learn the ins and outs of developing a coaching business. The bundle includes the life coaching certification program and enhances it with courses on jumpstarting your coaching practice, coaching bootcamp, brand camp, growing your Instagram page, and a blueprint for launching a coaching product. 

Self-Paced and Live Learning

With the aim to allow everyone (regardless of their schedule) to pursue a career as a life coach, LCTI provides self-paced learning courses. However, they understand the importance of engagement and interaction which is why they enhance their courses with live sessions.

Life coach using done-for-you programs - 5 Best Done-For-You Coaching Programs

These sessions shouldn’t cause a commotion in your schedule as they only take place once a week, but they enable you to ask questions and engage with other coaches. If you prefer real-time training experiences, LCTI also provides programs exclusively conducted live, like their LIVE Coaching Bootcamp Bundle.

How Long is the Life Coach Training Institute Program?

Self-paced programs adapt to your learning speed and last around 30 hours on average. The live programs take up only 2 or 3 days and take place over the weekend or on Friday and Saturday. As the Jumpstart business development program is an all-inclusive certification, it requires a three-month commitment.

How Much Does Life Coach Training Institute Coaching Training Cost?

One of the main advantages of the Life Coach Training Institute is its affordable training, which is achieved through eliminating sales commissions. This ensures that life coach certification is attainable without financial strain. 

Most of their courses cost only $195, and even the advanced Certified Professional Coach Certification comes at an affordable $247. You can also pay in installments over 4-6 months, depending on the course. 

Note: An alternative to the affordable LCTI is the budget-friendly Transformation Academy (TA). If you want a certification that is solely self-paced, the TA might be well-suited for your needs. Head to our TA review for more info.

Life Coach Training Institute Reviews

For inside information, we have turned to those who’ve experienced the courses first-hand—LCTI graduates. Let’s take a look at several insightful reviews that students have shared. 

Reviews From Graduates

The reviews on the LCTI website are full of praise, complementing their simplistic style of teaching combined with a wealth of information and practical tips. Here’s a small sample:

LCTI’s course is clear and effective. I appreciate the down-to-earth tone and learned some important pointers about empowering clients.

Sally Witmer

I found the studies to be informative, direct, and challenging. I find myself incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to enroll in this coursework and complete the Certification requirements to become Credentialed.

Lynnann Muse

I’ve learnt many techniques and it helped me a lot to become a life coach. The explanations are perfect, and thank you for the bonus tools! Online live events are useful. Thank you so much, it was great for me!

Krizbai Teca

One of our featured coaches, Justin Tilghman, also had great things to say about LCTI:

Paul and the team at LCTI are fantastic. The training is focused and immediately applicable. If you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to get training for life coaching, check out LCTI. When you complete life coach training you can continue to the advance Professional Coach program. They also have a fantastic jump start program to help you get going with your practice. I landed my first paying client shortly after starting Paul’s program, so I can confirm it works!!

Justin Tilghman

Is Life Coach Training Institute the Coach Training Program For You?

Life Coach Training Institute is esteemed for its pragmatic approach, and it successfully bridges the gap between aspiring coaches and their professional goals with its affordability and flexible scheduling options. They foster a supportive community, provide interactivity through live sessions and Q&A, and offer an accelerated training approach that allows students to learn more in a shorter period while addressing any learning gaps through ongoing support. 

In a nutshell, LCTI is a well-respected institute that offers a quick certification path along with valuable tips and practical tools to enhance your coaching skills.

If you’re still on the fence about enrolling in the LCTI program, here are the next steps you can take to gain more clarity:

Want to see how LCTI compares with competitors? Take a look at our top choices for life coach certification. We recommend Transformation Academy for affordability and Coach Training Alliance for comprehensive coaching training.

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