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10+ Mindset Coaches for Women: Find Your Coach

Last updated on March 19, 2024

Looking for a mindset coach? We’ve put together this list of mindset coaches for women, to help you find the perfect coach for you.

Whether you’re a female entrepreneur, a multi-tasking stay-at-home, or just a woman in need of a mindset shift, these coaches are here to help you with whatever you need.

Let’s find your next coach!

What is a Mindset Coach?

A mindset coach is a life coach who helps people adjust their mindset. A mindset coach can help you to reshape your thinking and shift your perspective. You can use this new perspective to overcome doubts, achieve your goals, boost your confidence, gain clarity of purpose, and change your life in the ways that are most important to you.

Mindset coaches may have specialized training or certifications in techniques such as mindfulness, thought work, and other methods of bringing awareness to your own thinking—so you can change it as needed. The idea is that by changing your thinking, you can change your life.

The Best Mindset Coaches for Women

At Life Coach Magazine, we receive hundreds of featured coach applications from coaches specializing in a wide range of coaching niches.

To create this list of mindset coaches for women, we reviewed and evaluated each coach. We’ve based our selections on criteria such as the overall scope and impact of their online influence, reviews from actual clients, and in some cases, our own experience working with these coaches.

Want to be featured on this list?

Jen Kane

Jen Kane Life Coach

Jen Kane is a Life Coach School certified life and mindset coach for women. She combines her coach training, yoga teacher training, and expertise in thought work and mindfulness to help women blow their own minds about what’s possible for their lives.

You’ll usually find her barefoot, helping someone find the confidence to go for their dreams.

Side note, Jen is also the on-call coach for the Life Coach Magazine staff — we freaking love her!

Website | Instagram | Free Membership | Book a Free Consult with Jen

Martine Williams

Martine’s signature Illuminate YOU™ Coaching program empowers Mompreneurs to get unstuck, boost their confidence, breakTHROUGH burnout and accelerate their results. Her unique approach to coaching reveals how our unique personalities, natural strengths, and our work/life environments are influencing real-time performance.

Website | Instagram | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Parita Kuttappan

Parita Kuttappan- Awarify Coaching - Featured Coach

Parita Kuttappan is a mindset and confidence coach for working women and working moms. She partners with clients to unlock their inner goal-getters, bring awareness to what’s most important, and live more confident lives.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Podcast | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Jocelyn Michelle Reaves

Building confidence starts from within. Jocelyn Michelle helps clients build confidence using a 3-step process: clarity, consciousness, and confidence.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Podcast | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Kate Greensdale

Kate Greenslade - Featured Coach

Kate uses “deep listening, wholehearted presence, and compassion to create a space in which clients can explore themselves. This, together with holding them accountable to their home practices, encouraging them to nurture self-trust and more deeply connect to their innate wisdom, has incredible outcomes and transformative long-lasting effects.” 

Website | Instagram | LinkedIn | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Melissa Jirovec

Melissa Jirovec - Featured Coach

Lifestyle coaching to liberate women from the ‘should’ life, heal disconnection, and add *oomph* to the everyday, to move towards a vision of abundance and thriving. Melissa Jirovec is the host of the Thoughts Disrupted podcast and a life coach who specializes in helping women design and embody their ideal lives. 

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Podcast | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Wade Brill

Wade Brill - Centered in the City - Featured Coach

Wade Brill works with driven, ambitious female leaders who want to feel calm, confident, and empowered so that they can feel their best and amplify their impact in this world.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Podcast | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Evelyn Betances

Evelyn Betances - The Fab Chieftess - Life Coach

Evelyn’s purpose as a coach is to inform and empower women. She helps women ages 25-45 reclaim their feminine authority, boost confidence, address impostor syndrome, and overcome fear so that they can bring their aspirations to life.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Angie Wisdom

Angie Wisdom - Life and Business Coaching - Featured Coach

Angie Wisdom offers life and business coaching to highly motivated individuals who desire to live and perform at the highest level. One-on-one and group coaching provides clients with an awareness of opportunities and challenges they may face, and the insight they need to act to create meaningful success and a life they love.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Maria Christie

Maria Christie - Maria Christie Hypnotherapy & Coaching in London & Nicosia - Featured Coach

Maria Christie supports busy professionals to help them rapidly uncover, heal, and transform emotional wounds, limiting core beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that hold them back from their full potential, inner peace, and well-being.

Her unique tools as a clinical hypnotherapist (RTT™), BLAST Technique® practitioner, and Mindset Coach help her clients fast-track their transformation creating life-long confidence, self-worth, and a masterful mindset in just a few weeks.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Kate McCauley

Kate McCauley - Danu, LLC - Featured Coach

Kate helps women manage stress by building habits to use every day at work and at home so they can be happy and healthy. She does three things: help women shift their mindset to believe they can; meet them where they are to build a strategy; and keep them accountable so they don’t quit.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Want to be featured on this list?

How to Choose the Right Mindset Coach For You

There’s truly no shortage of great mindset coaches ready to work with you. If you’re scrolling through coaches on social media or a life coach directory, you might feel overwhelmed by all the options.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to get to know a coach before you commit to anything. We recommend making a list of coaches you think you might want to work with, and narrowing down that list by checking out their online presence.

Here are some ways to explore working with a coach without any commitment:

  • Follow them on social media — Most coaches are active on either Facebook or Instagram, so you can check out their posts to quickly get a sense of what they’re all about
  • Listen to their podcast (or videos) — Hearing your coach talk (on their podcast or even on YouTube or Instagram Reels), can really do a lot to help you determine if they’re someone you’d enjoy talking with
  • Sign up for their emails — If you find a coach you think you might want to work with, you can join their email list to get a more personalized, inside look at working with them
  • Book a free consult — Many coaches offer free online consultations, so you can get a taste of what working together would be like before paying for coaching

We hope this article helps you find the right mindset coach for you!

If you still need help, we recommend booking a free consult with Jen Kane. She’s the go-to coach for the Life Coach Magazine team, and we truly can’t recommend her highly enough.

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