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Natural Wellness Academy Review – Become a Certified Coach

Last updated on February 24, 2024

Have you been wishing to start a career as a health and wellness coach? There’s no doubt that working as a wellness coach can bring you fulfillment, a rewarding career, and financial independence. But, before you start reaping the rewards, you should establish yourself as a professional coach through the best life coaching program. 

Today, we’ll be reviewing Natural Wellness Academy, one of the popular choices for wellness professionals who are seeking education in the natural wellness field. Can this be the certification program that you’ve been looking for? Our overview of their variety of programs, duration, price, and Natural Wellness Academy reviews can help you find out.

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About Natural Wellness Academy Coaching

The story of Natural Wellness Academy begins in 2013, and since then they have educated and supported numerous students from over 20 nations. The online training academy was founded by Dr. LindaJoy Rose, a Natural Wellness Expert, author, and therapist with more than 25 years of experience in the field of hypnotherapy, power of suggestion, subconscious dynamics, and childhood trauma.

NWA has received recognition from many holistic health communities, and it’s been featured in the media numerous times, including in HuffPost, Reader’s Digest, Tampa Bay Wellness, and Daytime TV.

The Natural Wellness Academy Coaching Philosophy

The idea behind NWA is to offer aspiring coaches a chance to acquire exceptional education, experience personal transformation, and learn how to build a profitable practice through easily accessible online training. 

NWA understands the value of actionable skills and hands-on learning, so their training features actively practicing the new craft and working with a mentor. The curriculum embodies a holistic approach, so the Body, Mind, and Spirit are intertwined in every course.  

Natural Wellness Academy Coaching and Accreditation

Is Natural Wellness Academy keeping up with industry standards? There’s no better way to find out than to take into account their accreditation.

The proof of NWA’s dedication to quality is its accreditation by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). AADP is a common accrediting entity for coaching programs focused on holistic health.

NWA is also approved by the National Board of Certified Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC) as a continuing education provider. So, if you take certain courses with them, you can use those hours towards your NBC-HWC recertification.

(Have you set your eyes on the gold standard of coaching accreditation, the International Coaching Federation (ICF)? You can get an ICF-accredited certification from Coach Training Alliance. Read about CTA in our review.) 

Pros and Cons of a Natural Wellness Academy Coaching Certification

Before making the big decision to become a certified professional wellness coach with NWA, you should consider what they have to offer. We’ll uncover how much their program costs, how long it lasts, what the curriculum includes, and what the benefits are of NWA.

Dual and Triple Certifications

Some NWA programs provide you with an opportunity to earn two or even three certifications after completing a single course. Some coaches don’t want to tie themselves down to one niche, so NWA has combined similar fields into a training program that leads to simultaneous certifications. 

For example, they have a course that combines Spiritual Wellness Specialist certification and Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor certification. The fields they blend are carefully chosen to complement each other, which makes the learning experience cohesive and easily digestible. 

Many Specialty Training Options

NWA has an incredible choice of niche training options in the field of natural wellness. You might even discover some new ones that can inspire your coaching specialization!

If you’d like to go for well-known niche certifications, they offer all the popular coaching options like Spiritual Wellness Specialist and Holistic Health Coaching program. However, if you’re looking for a more specific approach to wellness coaching, you might like their Cannabis Coach training, Mind Dynamics Life Coach, or Sacred Journey Facilitator: Self-Discovery through Earth Medicine program. 

Personal Mentoring

Besides self-directed learning, NWA will provide you with direct support through personal mentoring. This is an invaluable addition since you’ll get feedback and guidance from experienced coaches which can tremendously speed up your learning journey.

The one-on-one sessions with your professional mentor will also ensure that you’re staying on track, maximizing your potential, and building your confidence for running a business. 

How Long is the Natural Wellness Academy Program?

NWA training programs are self-paced, which is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule or coaches who already work with clients. The curriculum consists of videos, reading materials, self-study assignments, and webinars. There are also individual mentoring sessions that take place online. You get to direct when and how much time you’ll dedicate to learning. 

While your approach to learning depends on you, there is a timeframe that limits when you have to complete the program. This varies by course, but generally, the deadline is 12 months from registration, while dual courses allow 18 months for completion. 

How Much Does Natural Wellness Academy Coaching Training Cost?

Compared to some accredited certification courses, NWA is quite affordable. The pricing varies, but generally, the tuition ranges from $995 to $2,795.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, and for a limited time, NWA is offering a steep discount on add-on courses, now just $350-$500—a huge saving off the regular price! Get all the details here.

If you pay all at once, you’ll get a 10% discount (regardless of which course you choose). You can also go for a payment plan option: $350 down followed by a number of payments spread out over time.

Another awesome thing about NWA is that they have need- and merit-based scholarships that reduce tuition expenses for a limited number of qualified individuals. You’ll be automatically considered for scholarships once you sign up. It is also worth a shot to contact them to see if they have discounts available for a program that you’re interested in.

Note: If NWA’s cost goes over your budget, you can consider our top pick for inexpensive training, Transformation Academy. Read our in-depth TA review to learn more about this affordable option.

Natural Wellness Academy Coaching Reviews

Would you like to know how NWA courses look from the student’s perspective? Check out these informative reviews from reputable sources.

Reviews From Graduates

There are numerous positive reviews on NWA’s website, and we’ve singled out a couple:

In Google reviews, NWA is praised for its informative course curriculum, holistic approach, and supportive mentors. Here’s a sample:

Is Natural Wellness Academy Coaching the Life Coach Training Program For You?

If you’re seeking specialized training, practical self-paced learning, and mentor support, or you want to bag two trophies in one shot with dual certification, Natural Wellness Academy may be the ideal solution. Whether you’re just starting out or you want to hone in on your niche, NWA’s great variety of programs will supply what you need.

Want a taste of Natural Wellness Academy? Sign up for this free Thoracic-T Masterclass with Dr. LJ Rose, to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Some coaches may need more time and more options before they find “the one.” If that’s you, first get a small taste of health coaching with this brief Health Coaching Conversations class from Coursera.

Then look into our list of the best life coaching certifications or take our quiz to find the best certification program tailored to your criteria. You can also check out our top selection for robust training, the Coach Training Alliance, or our best budget pick, Transformation Academy.

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