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Transformation Academy Discount Code – GET 50% OFF

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Do you want to get the best deal for a Transformation Academy certification program? With our Transformation Academy discount code, you can get 50% off on any certification course. Enter code LIFECOACHMAG at checkout to get 50% off!

Transformation Academy is among the most sought-after certification programs in the life coaching field. If you’d like to know more about what they have to offer and how they compare to other life coach certifications, you can read our full review of Transformation Academy

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How Much Does Transformation Academy Certification Cost?

Transformation Academy is known for its inexpensive courses. You can secure a professional life coaching certification for only $197. Individual niche certifications cost the same.

There are also bundles that bring together a collection of interrelated certifications. For example, the Master Life Coach Certification bundle consists of Professional Life Coach, Life Purpose Coach, Happiness Life Coach, and Goal Success Life Coach certifications. These master-level bundles cost $497. 

If you take advantage of our discount, you can pay just $39.40 for a single certification, or $99 for a bundle of 4 certifications. 

Which Courses Are Eligible for the Discount?

All TA courses and bundles are eligible for the discount. Transformation Academy offers over 80 courses, including general life coaching certification, as well as popular specialties such as life purpose coach, spiritual life coach, health and nutrition coach, career coach, and confidence coach certifications. 

The available options for master-level bundles are as follows:

To get the discount, simply use our link to access the site, and you will see the reduced price when you proceed to checkout.

Is the Discount Applied to Monthly Membership Program?

The answer is yes, the discount applies to the membership program as well! The discount of 50% will apply every month, with the only exception being the 1st month, which you get for free (even better!). 

Life Coach in certification program - transformation academy review

Let us briefly explain how the membership works. With a monthly fee of $149 or $895 in total per year, you can get access to TA’s entire catalog of courses—this includes the bundles, personal development, and entrepreneurship programs. The membership also includes a free listing in TA’s coach directory.

Is Transformation Academy Accredited?

Transformation Academy is accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Agency. As a TA student, you have the opportunity to earn CEU (Continuing Education Units) or CPD (Continuing Professional Development) credits. 

The accreditation validates the quality and recognition of these courses. It also provides you with the assurance that you’ll be receiving valuable education that can contribute to your ongoing professional growth and development.


Use code LIFECOACHMAG to save 50% on all of the Transformation Academy certification programs. Whether you want to specialize in a specific life coaching field or lay a foundation for life coaching generally, our discount will ensure that you pay a minimal price. You can access a myriad of certification courses and unlock your full potential for an astoundingly low cost.

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