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Top 10 Health and Wellness Coaching Tools

Last updated on March 15, 2024

Coaching is all about being creative, but who says you have to come up with everything yourself? There are so many health and wellness coaching tools—vetted by experienced professionals—ready to make your coaching sessions smoother and more effective.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best ones. Here’s a summary:

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1. Client Reminder List

Motivate your clients to open up with the Client Reminder List. This template is a list of prompts that encourages clients to share their thoughts or concerns regarding various aspects of their lives like finances, work, habits, health, etc. 

Covering areas beyond just health helps coaches identify if there are segments of their clients’ lives they are dissatisfied with, which could be impacting their overall health and wellness.

2. Coaching Goals Worksheet

The Coaching Goals Worksheet is designed to help clients articulate their health and wellness goals in a clear, measurable, and achievable manner. It includes sections where they can write down three primary goals and seven secondary goals. 

This facilitates a structured approach to goal setting. It makes it easier for clients to track progress and for coaches to provide targeted advice and adjustments. 

3. Coaching Questions

The Coaching Tool Company’s coaching questions help provoke client reflection, insight, and action. These worksheets ask powerful questions like:

  • What would be your extraordinary level of goal to achieve?
  • Who will you have to be to achieve this goal?
  • If you (secretly) knew the answer to getting unstuck, what would that be?

By asking these questions, coaches can unlock deeper insights into their clients’ motivations and barriers. This leads to more effective coaching strategies.

4. The Wellness Map

The Wellness Map is a tool that helps both clients and health coaches plan and track success. 

It provides a structured framework where clients can specify their desired changes—for instance, losing weight, quitting social media, or being more confident. 

It encourages clients to assess their readiness for change, detail the specific actions they intend to take, and define clear indicators of success. 

5. Self-Care Quiz

The Self-Care Quiz is an effective tool to gauge a client’s commitment to self-care. Designed to be simple and inspirational, this quiz can help motivate clients and act as an excellent conversation starter about achieving balance in life. 

Health Coaching Client Looking at the Mirror

6. Self-Care Check-In and Needs Review

Self-Care Check-In and Needs Review can be used as a complement to the Self-Care Quiz or on its own. This exercise can help users connect with themselves, understand their needs, and commit to specific self-care routines. 

The worksheet asks individuals to rate various aspects of their life from 1-10, including:

  • Energy levels
  • Emotional health
  • Physical appearance
  • Friendships
  • Personal growth
  • Relaxation and pampering

It then guides them to identify actionable steps that could improve these scores.

7. Daily Success Habits Exercise

The Daily Success Habits Exercise is all about identifying and practicing small, daily habits that can lead to big successes over time.

This could be anything from writing a to-do list every morning, meditating for a few minutes, or even just making your bed. The idea is to do these small tasks consistently, so they become habits that naturally lead to achieving more significant outcomes.

8. Focusing Health Choices Tool

The Focusing Health Choices template can help you capture a full list of the health and lifestyle choices your clients want to make to achieve optimal health. 

You can use it as homework for clients or discuss it with them in your sessions. It asks what changes they want to make and why they want to make these changes, getting to the heart of their motivations and the main reasons behind their health goals. 

9. Draw Out Your Gremlin Exercise

The Draw Out Your Gremlin Exercise is about confronting the negative thoughts or inner critic that can sabotage success. 

The “gremlin” is a representation of that internal voice that tells you, you can’t do something or that you’re not good enough. The “Draw Out Your Gremlin” exercise literally involves drawing what you imagine your gremlin looks like and then writing down the negative things it says to you.

This visual and written exercise helps clients externalize those thoughts, making it easier to recognize and challenge them.

10. Health and Wellness Coaching Books

Books are an inexhaustible resource of ideas that you can leverage to boost your practice. If you need reading suggestions, see our list of the best books for health coaches. You can also recommend these to your clients to keep them motivated. 


These top 10 health and wellness coaching tools are essential for effective coaching. From Client Reminder List, Self-Care Quiz to Draw Out Your Gremlin Exercise, each tool can level up your practice and motivate your clients towards realizing their full potential. 

That’s all. We hope you found this article useful. If you’re looking for more resources, be sure to check out The Coaching Tool Company’s vast collection of coaching templates. You can also read our article on the best coaching management platforms for health coaches.

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