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Health Mindset Coaching Certification – Is It Right For You?

Last updated on February 16, 2024

Health Mindset Coaching Certification program is a comprehensive certification course designed for health and mindset coach professionals. However, just because a program is robust and sought-after, it doesn’t mean that it will be the perfect fit for everyone. 

In this post, we’ll explore the details of this coaching school, including its costs, duration, benefits, drawbacks, and insight into the experiences of students and graduates. We’ll also look at some alternatives in case you find that this program isn’t the right one for you. Let’s begin!

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About Health Mindset Coaching Certification

Health Mindset Coaching Certification (HMCC) is a program developed by Kasey Orvidas. She is a nutrition and fitness coach who combined her extensive coaching experience with her Ph.D. in psychology to delve into mindset and health behavior change. After recognizing a gap in health coaching, Kasey developed the Health Mindset Coaching Certification program to share her insights into powerful mindset tools that can lead to lasting health improvements.

The goal of the program is to help coaches discover how to nurture a growth mindset in their clients and lead them toward working through mindset barriers and making lasting behavior changes with proven psychological techniques. It also equips you with marketing strategies to ensure that you can effectively promote your service after completing the course. 

The program covers 4 areas:

  1. Science and Research Foundations 
  2. Psychological Barriers & Assets 
  3. Coaching for Behavior Change & a Growth Mindset 
  4. Marketing Yourself & Your Business as a Mindset Coach

The Health Mindset Coaching Philosophy

The philosophy of the Health Mindset Coaching Certification program is that the foundation of making healthy habits stick is to rewire the mindset by applying psychological approaches. The course centers around equipping coaches with the skills and tools for health mindset coaching. They also emphasize how their approach is drawn from psychology and research rather than subjective beliefs and experiences. 

Health Mindset Coaching and Accreditation

The Health Mindset Coaching Certification is approved by well-known organizations like the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) for continuing education. This means that the program meets the standards of these reputable institutions.

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Note: Even though these accrediting bodies are widely recognized, the entity that is considered the “gold standard” in the coaching industry is the International Coaching Federation (ICF). You can obtain this credential through Coach Training Alliance, our top choice for a life coaching program that we’ve thoroughly reviewed in this post

Pros and Cons of a Health Mindset Coaching Certification

To fully understand what Health Mindset Coaching Certification offers, it’s important to look into its cost, duration, and curriculum. Let’s break it down.

Based on Scientific Research

What sets this program apart is that the curriculum and tools are evidence- and research-based, equipping you with techniques and approaches that are rooted in science. If you’re interested in psychology and want to leverage research from this field to shift your client’s mindset, this program can be a good fit. 

Self-Paced Learning + Live Discussions

The Health Mindset Coaching Certification program combines self-directed learning and live lessons. You’ll receive pre-recorded videos that you can watch in your own time. However, each week, you’ll have live discussions to review that week’s topic. In this way, you’ll be motivated to stay accountable and learn regularly, while also having the opportunity to ask any questions and engage with Kasey and your peers.

Group Support

Connecting with like-minded individuals who are going through the same learning journey or have already finished the training can be of great help. After enrolling in this course, you will get access to the private Facebook group. Here you’ll have 24/7 support as you’ll be able to ask questions, receive guidance, and share dilemmas at any time. 

Engaging Assignments and Assessments

During HMCC training, each section will end with a quiz. This allows you to test your understanding of the module and review it if something is left unclear. You’ll also get worksheets for each training to better retain the information and create a handbook that you can refer to later on. There are also practical assignments each week. The program finishes with a case study assessment that Kasey and her team will review to ensure you don’t leave the course without fully grasping the objectives.

How Long is the Health Mindset Coaching Certification Program?

The HMCC program lasts 13 weeks. Each week includes pre-recorded presentations and live sessions. 

You should plan to dedicate about 2-3 hours per week to the program. While you can watch the presentation whenever you like, you should go over the video for that week’s discussion before the live Q&A so you can ask questions. 

If you fall behind or can’t attend the live discussions, they are recorded so you can watch them afterward.

Note: If the HMCC lessons don’t fit your schedule and you prefer self-paced certification programs, we recommend Transformation Academy and its Master Mindset Coach Certification program. We’ve reviewed this program in-depth if you’d like to know more. They also have a Health and Nutrition Coach Certification program if you’d like to combine mindset coaching with the health niche.

How Much Does Health Mindset Coaching Certification Training Cost?

Currently, you can only sign up for the waitlist as the next enrollment begins in the fall of 2023. By signing up, you’ll get notified about the upcoming HMCC course, secure bonuses and discounts when enrollment opens, and be able to enroll before the course opens to the public. 

The price isn’t available at this time, which is a drawback since you can’t know whether the program aligns with your budget. To learn about the exact pricing, you’ll need to wait for the next round of enrollment.

A useful piece of information is that Kasey provides a satisfaction guarantee. If you complete the program and can prove that you’ve successfully applied what you’d learned to your coaching but your client didn’t show any progress, you’ll receive a refund.

Health Mindset Coaching Certification Coaching Reviews

Let’s look into reviews from students and graduates that reveal useful information about the program’s advantages.

Reviews From Graduates

On the HMCC website, you can find a lot of positive feedback from people who’ve witnessed noticeable changes in their work with clients after using what they learned in this program. Below are a few samples; you can check out video testimonials as well:

I’ve been working with one of my clients for a while on us trying to pinpoint what is preventing her from being as consistent as she wants. This week I sent her the Values and Priorities worksheet from the course and it was a BREAKTHROUGH moment for her and for me as her coach! If you haven’t utilized this resource, definitely do it!

Emily Gerofsky

I just have to share!! I’m super happy!! Been working much more on the mindset with my clients. And yesterday I started handing them the journal prompts to think about when journaling…and one client just told me how amazing I am for opening doors she didn’t even know were there. She has been getting so many mind-blowing moments and learning so much more about herself. I feel complete.

Sandra Bergman

Hey all, just wanted to say that I’ve already been implementing the material we went over yesterday into my coaching. I feel so much more equipped to talk through a situation with a client who’s having a hard week. So excited to continue with this course and learn and create even more meaningful connections with my clients.

Claudia Hinsdale


Do you want to compare Health Mindset Coaching Certification to other top-rated mindset coach training programs? Here are some of the most praised certification courses in this field that we’ve discussed in our list of best mindset life coaching programs:

Is Health Mindset Coaching Certification the Life Coach Training Program For You?

If you want a program that’s mindset-focused, highly engaging, and based on psychological research, HMCC can offer you all of that. Whether you’re an aspiring health coach or an experienced professional, this certification program will help you implement new tools for shifting clients’ mindsets and making lasting health changes. 

Are you still uncertain about HMCC? Here’s what can help you make the decision:

If you also wish to pursue ICF-accredited certification, be sure to look into Coach Training Alliance as they offer a comprehensive curriculum and practical learning approach for best results.

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