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Honeybook vs 17hats: Comparison

Last updated on February 6, 2024

Running your own coaching business means investing a lot of time in managing administrative tasks like organizing client information, creating contracts, and getting paid on time. A robust online business management platform can simplify these tasks so you can maintain a professional image while delivering impeccable service.

Honeybook and 17hats are often thrown around as the best software for coaches who want a simple solution for managing their business, engaging with clients, automating activities, and more. But which one is right for you? Our Honeybook vs 17hats comparison has you covered with everything you need to know.  

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Honeybook vs 17hats: An Overview

Honeybook is an all-in-one system that combines ease of use and comprehensiveness. This small business management software automates workflows, scheduling, contracts, and online payments. It also stocks a library of templates for various business documents. Learn all about Honeybook and its set of features in our Honeybook review.

17hats is a CRM platform for solopreneurs. It provides all the tools to make your work easier, like scheduling, managing clients, automation, and managing finances. In addition to organizing your business, 17hats can help with growing your business as it comes with features for organizing sales pipelines and lead capture forms. 

Pricing & Free Trial

Honeybook and 17hats have similar pricing, so let’s see how much you need to invest to get access to these CRM solutions.

Pricing Plan

Honeybook’s Starter plan costs $16/month with a yearly subscription. However, not all features are included. To get access to more features (like scheduler, automation, expense management, profit and loss, standard reports, QuickBooks online integration, and support for up to 2 team members), you can sign up for the Essentials ($32/month) or Premium plan ($66/month). You can get a 50% discount with our link or promo code ‘lifecoachmag.’

17hats allows you to choose from three payment plans: Essentials ($15/month), Standard ($30/month), and Premier ($30/month). The Essentials plan covers the basics of CRM and invoicing but lacks automation features. If you’re interested in automation workflows and premium features like Zapier integration, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premier plan.

Free Trial

You can test out all of HoneyBook’s features at no charge during their 7-day free trial. They don’t even require a credit card.

17hats has the same offer as Honeybook, allowing you to use their platform for free for 7 days. 


Our next focus is analyzing the features and unique functionalities that make Honeybook and 17hats suitable choices for managing a coaching business. 

Honeybook Features

  • Scheduling
  • Automation 
  • Communication
  • Client portal
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Reports
  • Templates
  • Honeybook AI
  • Mobile app
  • Integration with Zapier, Zoom, Google Calendar, Gmail, iCloud Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail, AoI Mail, QuickBooks, etc.

Honeybook’s newest feature aims to help you save time, improve client communication, and increase session booking rates. Their AI tools can generate personalized client responses, predict leads that are more likely to book, and they can create images for your business documents and marketing materials. 

The proposal feature streamlines deal closures by simplifying contract signing, proposal submission, and payment collection with just a few clicks. It consolidates invoices, contracts, and payments into a single document, which you can send to clients for their prompt review and approval.

Another one of Honeybook’s valuable features is its library of templates. The variety of ready-made documents makes it easy for you to design attractive and professional welcome packets, feedback forms, contracts, brochures, marketing materials, and more.

17hats Features

  • Scheduling
  • Automation
  • Communication
  • Client portal
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Reports
  • Bookkeeping
  • Email and document templates
  • Mobile app
  • Integrations with Zapier, Zoom, Google, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, email providers, Quickbooks, and over 20,000 financial institutions

17hats’s bookkeeping features simplify expense management and eliminate the need for another platform for this purpose. You can enter expenses manually or use the Bank Connect feature to have them added automatically.

17hats enables you to manage leads straight from your dashboard. You can set up automated workflows when new leads come in, capture lead info through forms on your website and social media, and even reply to leads automatically, even when you’re not available. This helps you stay on top of your leads and never miss out on great opportunities.

Keep up with the hours you invest in your work with the 17hats time tracking feature. It even lets you set hourly rates for your tasks, so you can invoice your clients accordingly.

Honeybook vs 17hats – How Are They Different?

Now, it’s time to break down each feature and functionality that differentiates these two platforms from one another.


In terms of design and aesthetics, Honeybook provides a more modern and visually pleasing experience compared to 17hats. Both platforms are accessible through web and mobile, but Honeybook takes the lead in terms of aesthetics. Even their templates are more contemporary and attractive.

AI Creator

Honeybook is staying on top of trends with its advanced AI tools. You can also leverage data-driven insights to identify valuable leads that are more likely to convert, generate professional responses, and use Image Studio for your visual content. None of this is available with 17hats.


While Honeybook supports Quickbooks integration, it doesn’t have built-in bookkeeping features like 17hats. With 17hats, you can keep track of your finances inside the platform. 

Lead Management

17hats will unify lead processes with CRM thanks to the lead management feature. Honeybook lacks this functionality. 

Customer Support

Honeybook has a 4.8 rating for customer service on Capterra. Users appreciate the responsive and friendly support team. You can reach out to them via email anytime, and if you have billing questions, you can even give them a call seven days a week.

17hats has a 4.3 rating for customer service on Capterra. Most reviews are positive, but some users wish they could talk to an agent. Support is available from Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., and you can contact them through email, live chat, or Facebook DM.

Conclusion – Honeybook or 17hats?

Here we have two very similar platforms, both tailor-made for small business owners, with almost the same pricing and a closely matched set of features. So, how can you make a decision?

The distinctions are subtle, but Honeybook gains a slight edge for life coaching needs. It’s a more user-friendly and modern software with templates better suited for life coaching businesses. Plus, the AI tools can help you enhance your coaching materials and client communication.

On the other hand, 17hats can be the preferred choice for those who value streamlining processes like bookkeeping and lead management.

Alternatives to Honeybook and 17hats

If neither Honeybook nor 17hats quite fit your needs, don’t worry. There are several all-in-one software options explicitly designed for life coaching. Our top picks include Paperbell, Bonsai, Practice, Simplero, and CoachVantage. For more details on each option and a broader list of choices, check out our guide on the best life coaching platforms.

You can also find comparisons of Honeybook and 17hats with these popular alternatives in our articles dedicated to Honeybook and 17hats alternatives.

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