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Best 17Hats Alternatives – Coaching Business Software

Last updated on February 24, 2024

If you want small business management software to automate scheduling, payments, CRM, reporting, and lead management, 17Hats can be a well-suited choice. However, if you’d like an all-in-one business platform that caters to coaching needs in particular, you might want to look into other options.

We’ve selected some of the best 17Hats alternatives so you can compare their offerings and make an informed decision. Let’s see what else is out there!

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17Hats vs Paperbell

Paperbell - The All-in-One Coaching Software for Busy Coaches

The purpose of Paperbell is to cater to coaching professionals such as life coaches, business coaches, executive coaches, and consultants. Since this is a tool specific to the coaching industry, its features are more comprehensive and coach-centric than those of 17Hats. You can get all the details about Paperbell in our review

  • Group Coaching – The group coaching feature gives Paperbell a big advantage over 17Hats since many coaches provide this service to their clients.
  • Client Portal – With Paperbell, clients will have access to their dedicated page where they can self-schedule appointments, purchase more sessions, access contracts and digital downloads, answer surveys, and more.
  • Digital Products – With Paperbell, you’re able to offer and sell your digital products, such as audiobooks, ebooks, journaling prompts, and videos, with ease. 

Paperbell Pricing: Starts at $47.50 per month 

17Hats vs Honeybook

Honeybook logo - Honeybook for Coaches – Reviews, Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

Just like 17Hats, Honeybook isn’t tailored to coaching needs but for general business management. The available features are scheduling, automation, proposals, invoices, payments, contracts, and interactive files. If you’d like a more exhaustive feature overview, you can read our Honeybook review.

  • Automation  – You can arrange a series of messages, files, and tasks to be triggered according to your specifications and sent at a specific time using this feature.
  • Customizable Templates – A library of editable modern templates for showcasing services, booking, project management, and feedback can simplify your workflow.
  • No CRM – A feature where Honeybook falls short compared to 17hats is CRM.

Honeybook Pricing: Starts at $16 per month. You can use our link to take advantage of a 50% discount.

17Hats vs Coaches Console

Coaches Console Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Coaches Console is an all-in-one solution that offers a vast array of features, including scheduling, website building, client management, email marketing, course delivery, payments, and reporting (read more about the features in our review). It outperforms 17Hats in terms of its comprehensiveness, but its price is comparatively higher than other coaching software options. 

  • Website Builder – If you don’t already have a website, you can use Coaches Console to create a compelling marketing website to entice potential clients.
  • Course Creator – You can create and offer coaching courses with ease as well as set the level of access to clients.
  • Coaching Templates – Coaches Console will provide you with over 30 coaching templates, from forms to a privacy policy to course templates.

Coaches Console Pricing: Starts at $147 per month

17Hats vs CoachVantage

CoachVantage Reviews – Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

CoachVantage is a life coaching software that can meet your every administrative need. It provides a single hub for scheduling, package creation, forms, contracts, invoicing, and payments. CoachVantage also announced that they’ll soon introduce a group coaching feature. Want to know more? Be sure to check out our CoachVantage review

  • Hour Log – The hour log feature will simplify your coaching hours tracking and even distinguish pro-bono from paid work.
  • Resource Library – CoachVantage offers a nifty resource library feature where you can easily share with your clients any type of content, whether that’s video, audio, worksheets, or PDFs.
  • Branded Client Portal – This is yet another feature that you can’t find in 17Hats that CoachVantage provides. Make a professional impression on clients by giving them access to a client portal branded with your signature colors, business name, and logo.

CoachVantage Pricing: Starts at $26 per month. Use the discount code CV10 for 10% off for life!  

17Hats vs Practice logo - Practice Software Review – Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

Practice is the new kid on the block, but it can hold its own against more “experienced” software thanks to its robust features, coach-centric tools, and modern interface. Several features to note are complete automation, built-in chat, a user-friendly client portal, branding feature, and different payment options for your clients. If you want to discover more about this software, read our review.

  • Automation – Streamline mundane tasks by setting triggers and conditions and make your workflow seamless and stress-free. 
  • Built-in Chat – With the chat functionality, you can communicate with your clients via text or audio messages and send emojis and reactions for an interactive experience.
  • Various Payment Options – Potential clients will be more tempted to sign up once you lay out different payment solutions, from credit card payments to auto-debit subscriptions to custom plans.

Practice Pricing: Starts at $28 per month. Use promo code LCM to get 50% off for 2 months or the code LCM1 for an additional $5 off the annual plan (which is already discounted by over 20% compared to the monthly plan). 

17Hats vs CoachAccountable

Coach Accountable logo - CoachAccountable Reviews, Pricing, and Features – The Ultimate Guide for Coaches

As an all-in-one coaching software, CoachAccountable’s list of features might suit growing coaching businesses better than general business management software like 17Hats. Besides the typical automation and management tools, it also includes a mobile-friendly interface, course creation, client engagement, and team management functionalities. In our review, you’ll find details that will help you decide if this is the software for you.

  • Progress Tracking – Keep track of your clients’ progress and engagement so you can take timely action and improve your clients’ experience.
  • Various Payment Options – While 17Hats supports recurring billing and automated payments, CoachAccountable has more payment options, including subscriptions, packages, and installment billing.
  • Team Edition – Coach Accountable works well for coaching businesses with 2 or more members, as their Team Edition software comes at the same price with functionalities that allow you to collaborate and share access with your team members. 

CoachAccountable Pricing: Starts at $20 per month for up to 2 clients

17Hats vs Simplero

Simplero logo - How Simplero Will Help Your Coaching Business

Simplero is a one-stop-shop coaching software. One of Simplero’s strongest assets is its sales toolbox with unique features for boosting sales. Another functionality that you won’t find in 17Hats (or any other tool on the list) is affiliate management. To get a better grasp of this software, head to our review.

  • Sales Enticing Features – The Upsell, Downsell, and Order Bump features will automatically entice clients to add more products or services to their cart, and you can fully customize the options.
  • Affiliate Management – Grow your business, diversify your business endeavors, and earn more money with Simplero’s built-in affiliate management.
  • Mobile App for Clients – Your business can look more professional with Simplero’s mobile app for clients.

Simplero Pricing: Starts at $59 per month 

17Hats vs Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub logo - Life Coach Hub Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Life Coach Hub provides you with an end-to-end solution for your coaching business. It can streamline systemizing, organizing, and growing your practice. Some of the features that Life Coach Hub provides that 17Hats doesn’t are group coaching, content delivery, website builder, marketing tools, and an interactive toolkit filled with useful coaching materials. If you’re curious about its features and pricing, our review can offer you a greater understanding.

  • Group Coaching – If you have group coaching on your list of services, Life Coach Hub will simplify offering this option to your clients.
  • Interactive Coaching Toolkit – The interactive coaching toolkit will give you access to coaching plans, website packages, journals, website packages, goals, and more.
  • Website and Marketing Packages – You can build a coaching-specific optimized website and improve your online presence with the marketing plan. These packages do cost extra, though.

Life Coach Hub Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $17 per month 

17Hats vs UpCoach

Upcoach logo - UpCoach Reviews, Features, and Pricing – The Ultimate Guide

Being an all-in-one system for coaches, UpCoach’s features are more extensive and personalized to the coaching industry compared to those of 17Hats. Besides the essential management and automation features that you can find in 17Hats, UpCoach encompasses a powerful program builder, accountability tools, course creation, and a chat feature. But we won’t get into it now, as we’ve covered everything in our UpCoach review.

  • Program Builder – The program builder can save you a lot of time in creating your packages; you can set up different coaching programs in no time.
  • Accountability Tools – UpCoach offers a unique feature called the accountability toolbox, which includes a habit tracker, to-do lists, accountability groups,  and interactive documents. This toolbox can help with keeping clients engaged and accountable throughout their coaching journey.
  • No Contracts, Invoicing, or Payments – UpCoach doesn’t support creating contracts, invoicing, or collecting payments, so in this category, 17Hats has the advantage.

Upcoach Pricing: Starts at $29 per user per month

17Hats vs Delenta

Delenta logo - Delenta Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Delenta is one of the most feature-rich coaching software on the list. It can simplify your business and boost your productivity with the help of tools like scheduling, CRM, reporting, client portal, course creation and selling, payments, and reporting. Delenta’s team is consistently working on improving the system and keeping up with coaches’ evolving needs, so some of its newest features include a mobile app, a platform for collaboration, and a more diverse and customizable package creator. Head to our review for more details. 

  • Package Creator – Create stylish and diverse sessions, packages, and courses with a few clicks.
  • Multi-Coach Platform – Even if your team grows, you won’t need to look for another platform since Delenta supports adding collaborators.
  • Discount Coupon and Membership –  Coupons and memberships can help you stand out in the competitive market, and Delenta will enable you to put them into action.

Delenta Pricing: Starts at $19 per user per month. For a limited time, Delenta is offering 50% off your first purchase of their product, whether it be a monthly or yearly plan. Just use the code LCM50 to get the discount.

17Hats vs Bonsai

Bonsai logo - Bonsai Reviews, Features, and Pricing – A Complete Guide

Bonsai is a business management platform that helps automate the entire business process. It caters to a wide spectrum of coaching needs by providing you with tools that will allow you to manage operations such as scheduling, billing, and client management. The most notable feature of this software is the financial management which will handle your taxes, accounting, and banking. Find out more about Bonsai in our comprehensive review.

  • Financial Management – With any other software on the list, you’ll need to find an additional tool for financial management, but with Bonsai, you’ll have it all in a single platform.
  • Project Management – Bonsai will streamline managing clients and organizing your coaching projects, and you’ll even be able to invite other collaborators to your projects to track time and manage tasks together.
  • Coaching Templates – Bonsai has over a hundred customizable templates, and you can even filter your search based on your industry.
  • Tax Assistant or Partners Add-Ons Cost Extra – If you’d like the Tax Assistant add-on or the option to collaborate with additional users, you will need to pay a fee on top of the plan cost.

Bonsai Pricing: Starts at $17 per month

17Hats vs Profi

Profi logo - Profi – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Profi is an all-in-one operating platform that can help you scale your business. It is designed to keep up with your growth journey, starting from running a business of one to working with a team of coaches. It is a more wide-ranging platform than 17Hats and has the features to prove it, including co-hosting, progress tracking, extensive client management, integrated video conferencing, built-in chat, and detailed reports, to name a few. For a full list of features (and more!), you can check out our review.

  • Built-in Video and Chat – Centralize your client communication and video sessions with Profi’s built-in features.
  • Co-Hosting Feature – If you collaborate with other coaches on your projects or you plan to do so, Profi’s co-hosting feature will come in handy. 
  • Progress Tracking – Profi effectively unifies all the information about your clients’ status and progress in the progress tracking feature.

Profi Pricing: Starts at $99 per month

17Hats vs Dubsado

If you want a platform that combines management, scheduling, automation, organization, forms, reporting, and payments, Dubsado offers all of that. Its features are quite similar to 17Hats, and they’re suited for a freelance business. Some users claim that Dubsado is more complex and harder to learn compared to other platforms.

  • Client Portal – Even though Dubsado isn’t coaching software, it does offer a simple client portal where clients can access forms, contracts, and pay invoices. 17Hats doesn’t have this feature.
  • No Calendar Integration – Dubsado does allow your clients to access the calendar and book time slots, but the booking won’t be automatically added to their calendars.
  • Proposal-Based Sales Process – You can use Dubsado to create custom proposals, contracts, invoices, and request payments, but you’ll need to perform each action individually as these processes aren’t automatically connected.

Dubsado Pricing: Starts at $20 per month

17Hats vs Nudge Coach

The Nudge Coach App isn’t your typical coaching software, since its main focus is providing you with a modern app for keeping your business on the go. It can be used for scheduling, content delivery, progress tracking, and organizing client lists. However, Nudge Coach App doesn’t support payments or program creation.

  • Customized Coaching App – The main advantage of Nudge Coach is a sleek and user-friendly app for clients that you can customize to match your brand. 
  • Limited Features – Coaching features that are missing from Nudge Coach’s directory are a website builder, contract signing, program builder, and marketing tools.
  • No Payment Functionality – You’ll need a different app for invoicing and payments since Nudge Coach doesn’t offer these features.

Nudge Coach Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $60 per month (or $300 per year)

17Hats vs Satori

Satori is a coaching platform that boasts a wide range of features. Its standout tools include personalized branding, group coaching capabilities, effortless client registration, group coaching, signature coaching packages, and automated follow-ups for increased client engagement.

  • Group Coaching – With Satori, you can create various group coaching services including joint classes, workshops, and coaching groups.
  • Different Payment Options – This software will allow you to offer your clients several payment options, such as subscriptions, payment plans, and custom billing cycles, and entice them with discounts.
  • Custom Branding – Customize the appearance of your booking pages and client login section to reflect your brand. 17Hats also supports customization, but Satori’s branding solution is more extensive.

Satori Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $8 per month

Summary & Recommendations

Weighing different options can boost your confidence, not to mention save you the time and money you might waste on the wrong software. The administrative needs of coaches can differ greatly depending on what you want to automate, how big your business is, and what your budget is for coaching software. That’s why we hope that our list of the top coaching software will give you deep insight into what types of platforms are available so you can make a sensible choice.

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