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Hudson Coaching Certification – Everything You Need To Know

Last updated on February 6, 2024

The Hudson Institute of Coaching is a reputable and well-known coaching academy that has made significant contributions to the coaching field. The founder was a pioneer in the field of coaching, authoring The Handbook of Coaching in 1999 and introducing an early coach certification program in the mid-1990s. 

As an institute with over 30 years of experience, they provide a robust and enriching training program for aspiring coaches. So, if you’re thinking about a coaching career, the Hudson Coach Certification is a strong choice. 

However, their legacy and popularity don’t automatically make it the right fit for you. To help you decide whether you should pursue this certification, we’ll delve into the details of the Hudson Coaching Certification and examine its curriculum, advantages, pricing, program length, and reviews. 

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About Hudson Coaching Certification 

The Hudson Coach Certification Program is a 9-month-long training course that will immerse you in the foundational aspects of coaching with a unique approach. This program was developed by leaders in the coaching industry, and it combines experiential and intellectual learning to support your full development as a coach. It is an ideal coaching program for aspiring coaches who want both a comprehensive theoretical foundation and a lot of practice. 

The program focuses on four key areas:

  • Relevant theories, concepts, and evidence-based models in the field of coaching
  • Use of self as coach to deepen the coaching capacity
  • Hudson’s coaching methodology
  • Intensive practice through live lessons, feedback, reflection, and coach supervision

The prerequisites for this program are the 4-day signature workshop LifeForward™ and a 1-day coaching seminar that gives you an overview of their approach. 

The Hudson Coach Certification Program boasts the prestigious ICF accreditation. It may seem unnecessary to elaborate, but in case the International Coaching Federation (ICF) is unfamiliar to you, this entity is recognized as the gold standard in the coaching industry. Certification with this accreditation will ensure you widespread recognition and credibility.

Pros and Cons of Hudson Coaching Certification 

Now, it’s time to assess what this program has to offer and whether its curriculum, pricing, and duration align with your criteria. First, we’ll dive deeper into its advantages and what makes the Hudson Coach Certification Program stand out from other options.

In-Person or Virtual Training

The Hudson Institute of Coaching is student-focused, and its two different forms of study reflect that. It is up to you to choose whether you wish to take this course online or attend the in-person lessons. Both formats last for 9 months and are based on the same curriculum, so you only need to consider your availability and preferred mode of study. The in-person lessons take place in Santa Barbara, California.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The Hudson Coaching Certification Program has an in-depth curriculum that covers a wide range of coaching theories and strategies. You’ll be able to absorb a diverse range of topics, including foundational subjects such as skill-based coaching competencies and areas of growth to more advanced theories such as the role of immediacy, systemic thinking, and neuroscience.

Life coaches in a certification class - New Skills Academy Life Coach Certification – Is It Right For You?

This holistic approach ensures that once you complete the program, you’ll have a solid understanding of coaching principles as well as more advanced methodologies. 

Internal Development

The Hudson program has a distinctive teaching module dedicated to the Use of Self as Coach, and this particular aspect is what distinguishes them the most. They encourage you to delve into your own internal landscape and leverage presence, empathy, feelings, boundaries, and courage into your coaching practice. Through self-awareness and personal growth, you’ll become more equipped to handle the complexities of coaching relationships. They also believe that the Use of Self as Coach contributes to the creation of a safe and transformative coaching environment where clients can thrive and transform.

Interactive Learning

We love that Hudson’s training program incorporates real-time learning through coaching labs and practice pods. This type of setting allows you to test your coaching skills as you develop them and receive immediate feedback from mentor coaches. You’ll apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios to accelerate the honing of coaching skills and prepare for real-world coaching situations. 

How Long is the Hudson Coaching Certification Course?

The time investment for this program is 9 months. The curriculum is structured around three training sessions, and each of these sessions is conducted over four days. In this part of the program, you’ll engage in theoretical presentations, skill-building, role-playing, real-time coaching, and peer learning groups.

In addition to these intensive sessions, you’ll have interim training activities. This includes website interaction, weekly small group calls, learning forums, regular mentor coach calls, monthly coaching clinics, and dedicated reading time. The estimated time commitment for interim training is around 10-12 hours per week. 

How Much Does the Hudson Coaching Certification Cost?

The cost of the Hudson Coaching Certification depends on the form of study. The virtual training is priced at $15,500, while the in-person training costs $16,500. They don’t cover the travel and accommodation fees, so count that as an additional expense if you opt for the in-person program.

That is the price for the certification program, but the prerequisites—the LifeForward™ webinar and coaching seminar—cost extra. Here is how they are priced:

  • LifeForward™ – $3,795 for virtual training; $4,900 for in-person training
  • Coaching Seminar – $395

Hudson Coaching Certification Reviews

Hearing what students and graduates have to say regarding this coaching program could resolve a lot of uncertainties you may have. Surprisingly, however, we couldn’t find many reviews about the Hudson Coaching Certification. 

They’ve certified over 1,500 students, but there are only a couple of testimonials on their website and nothing relevant on other platforms. So, we’ll have to settle for these two reviews found on their official website.

The Hudson Institute of Coaching provides a world-class coaching certification program that is comprehensive, academic, interactive, and transformative. It’s self-paced learning with layers of external support and encouragement for each individual’s success. If you’re serious about a career in coaching, this is the journey that will change who you are and how you coach.


The quality and uniqueness of the Hudson program were never more evident than in our virtual [program session]. Thank you for going above and beyond to make it such a special and effective experience for us. I’m so proud to be part of such an extraordinary community.

Carolyn Groobey


We’ve prepared a few additional recommendations in case the Hudson Coaching Certification program doesn’t align with your coaching vision or if you would like to compare and contrast different options before making the final decision. You can find a full list of our top picks in the top life coaching certifications article, but for now, we’ll share several favorites:

Is the Hudson Coaching Certification Program For You?

What distinguishes the Hudson Coaching Certification is its dynamic, intensive curriculum, unique approach with a focus on the Use of Self as Coach method, and interactive training through coaching labs, peer practice, and mentorship. If you’re the type of person who thrives in such an environment, you might find your perfect pick in this program. 

Who is this program not designed for? If you didn’t find the insight into their curriculum inspiring or if the hefty price tag exceeds your budget, you should leave this program behind and browse for more suitable options. Our top selection for affordable life coach training is Transformation Academy, but if you want ICF accreditation and a more robust course, you might prefer Coach Training Alliance

We’ll leave you with a couple of recommendations for the next steps if you’re still on the fence about the Hudson Coaching Certification:

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