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Best Life Coaches for Women Over 40

A life coach for women over 40, or a midlife coach, specializes in addressing the unique challenges, transitions, and goals that often emerge in this stage of life. 

They can help you:

  • Clarify Goals: Discover what you really want in your personal and professional life.
  • Navigate Transitions: Smoothly move through life changes, whether career shifts, relationship evolutions, or lifestyle adjustments.
  • Overcome Barriers: Tackle obstacles like fear and procrastination that prevent you from moving forward.
  • Improve Balance: Find a healthier work-life balance that respects your time and energy.
  • Boost Confidence: Build self-esteem and confidence to face new challenges boldly.

If you’re looking for a midlife coach, be sure to keep reading!

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Top Coaches Who Provide Midlife Coaching for Women

These coaches have been chosen for their empathetic approach and effective strategies to help women over 40 succeed in all areas of their lives. 

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Gabriella Espinosa

Gabriella Espinosa is a midlife and menopause coach dedicated to providing guidance and support for women over 40, especially when they’re going through menopause. 

She is the founder of Women’s Body Wisdom, a platform that empowers women to listen to and take care of their bodies through exercises like yoga, breathing techniques, and healthy eating. 

Struggling with her own transition into perimenopause in her early forties, she felt unprepared and overwhelmed by the changes in her body and mood. This experience propelled her to dive deep into learning about body awareness, nutrition, and self-care practices. 

Now, Gabriella uses her expertise and personal journey to support other women through their midlife transitions, emphasizing the importance of self-care and inner work.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Joshua Peck 

Joshua Peck is a midlife career change coach who helps individuals find fulfillment, balance, and financial freedom in their careers. 

His approach puts emphasis on group coaching over one-on-one sessions, believing there’s a special kind of magic that happens when people come together to support each other through their transitions.

Through his work, he boosts his clients’ confidence and self-belief and helps them transition to careers that resonate more deeply with their values and aspirations. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Kym Showers

Kym Showers is a certified life coach dedicated to helping women over 40 thrive in the second half of their lives. 

She offers a unique coaching experience through her “Group + Retreat” program, a 6-month weekly group coaching session that includes a client-exclusive retreat in Avila Beach, California. 

This program focuses on teaching participants to let go of behaviors that hold them back, such as people-pleasing, controlling tendencies, self-doubt, and worrying about others’ opinions.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Deborah Voll

Deborah Voll is a professional coach dedicated to helping women over 40 navigate career pivots and find purpose and passion in their lives.

Her coaching approach highlights the importance of self-discovery and using one’s own experiences and passion to create a very fulfilling next chapter.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

Susan Heinrich

Susan Heinrich, a former newspaper journalist turned midlife coach, founded Midlife Globetrotter to inspire women in their midlife to embrace travel and personal growth. 

Living in Denver, Colorado, she uses her platform to share travel resources, stories, and the transformative power of travel for personal rediscovery during midlife. 

Her work emphasizes seeing midlife as an opportunity to reimagine possibilities and reconnect with oneself through beautiful places and sceneries. 

Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Janet Walker

Janet is a midlife transformation coach who guides women through the significant transitions of midlife with her program called Midlife Rescue. 

This 12-week coaching program is designed to help women reset both their minds and bodies, fostering a future of clarity, confidence, and choice. 

Janet’s own journey through menopause, marked by challenges such as a thyroid cancer diagnosis and facial surgery, inspired her to help others. 

She has a background as an osteopathic manual practitioner and certifications in health and wellness coaching, which she uses to help her clients feel more energized, joyful, vital, content, and resilient.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

If you’re looking for more coaches, be sure to check out our list of the top spiritual coaches, health coaches, trauma and wellness coaches, and life coaches for women.

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How to Be a Midlife Coach

If you’re interested in guiding individuals through the transformative period of midlife, becoming a midlife coach could be a rewarding path for you.

Consider exploring the following certifications:

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