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10+ Life Coaches for Women

Last updated on July 9, 2024

Navigating life’s challenges as a woman often means balancing work, family, and societal expectations. To help manage these demands with grace and self-compassion, many women turn to life coaches.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to more than 10 amazing life coaches who understand exactly what women need. Their coaching methods vary, but their goal is the same: to empower women like you to achieve your fullest potential.

Best Life Coaches for Women

We selected these coaches for their expertise and commitment to fostering women’s growth and development. They’re changing lives, one woman at a time, and they might just be what you need to take your life to the next level.

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Jen Kane

Jen Kane Life Coach

Jen Kane is Life Coach School certified entrepreneur who uses her experience as a yoga teacher to offer a unique blend of meditation and thought work in her coaching.

In her podcast and other media appearances, Jen emphasizes the importance of claiming one’s own happiness, practicing mindfulness, and shedding societal expectations, especially for women​.

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Parita Kuttappan

Parita Kuttappan- Awarify Coaching - Featured Coach

Parita Kuttappan is a mindset and confidence coach who specializes in assisting working women and moms. 

She is the founder and CEO of Awarify Coaching, where she focuses on transforming the mindsets of her clients, building their confidence, and enhancing their overall fulfillment and joy.

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Podcast | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Jocelyn Michelle Reaves

Jocelyn Michelle Reaves - Featured Coach

Jocelyn’s journey into coaching began with a career in public health, where she climbed the corporate ladder before transitioning to entrepreneurship and independent consulting. 

This shift came about as she noticed a consistent theme among women leaders and entrepreneurs: the struggle with imposter syndrome and a lack mindset. 

Recognizing the importance of mindset in entrepreneurship, she began to offer coaching services alongside her consulting work.

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Podcast | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Randa El Zein

Randa El Zein - Be You International - Featured Coach

Randa believes in the importance of happy individuals in creating positive change in the world. She emphasizes the power of individuals, particularly young women, to step up, make changes, and bring their unique gifts and passions to life. 

Her work at Be You International inspires the younger generation and creates empowering services, products, and workshops for personal growth and social change.

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Kimber Dutton

Kimber Dutton - Featured Coach

Kimberly Dutton specializes in supporting women, particularly in helping them free themselves from learned roles and find their center in their own lives. 

She employs various methods, including retreats and her podcast, to empower women to set healthy boundaries, embrace their authentic selves, and celebrate their lives. 

Website | Instagram | Podcast | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Samantha Ruberto

Samantha Ruberto - Featured Coach

Samantha Ruberto helps women fully own and unlock their feminine power. Her coaching incorporates a holistic approach, blending mindset, bodily, emotional, behavioral, and unconscious work to facilitate success in various areas of life. 

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Podcast | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Patricia Hardy

Patricia Hardy - Prevalent Hope Coaching & Consulting LLC - Featured Coach

Patricia Hardy is the chief coaching strategist and founder of Prevalent Hope Coaching & Consulting in Maryland. She specializes in supporting women over 40 as they navigate significant life changes, such as health diagnoses, losses, or changes in relationship status.

Website | LinkedIn | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Janine Wittwer

Janine Wittwer - Inner Harmony Coaching - Featured Coach

Janine’s journey into coaching started as a mathematics professor, where she found a passion for advising, especially female students. 

Her approach in coaching was influenced by this experience, leading her to train with Coach U and start her coaching business, Inner Harmony Coaching, in 2020. 

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman - Just Commit Coaching - Featured Coach

Jennifer Chapman assists high-achieving women who feel stuck in their lives, helping them to tap into their inner wisdom and thrive in every aspect of life. 

Her approach is transformative, helping her clients recognize and embrace their inherent qualities without tying them to the roles they play or their achievements. 

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Juliette Karaman

Juliette Karaman - Feel Fully You - Featured Coach

Juliette Karaman is a coach, hypnotherapist, and trainer with a range of certifications in various therapeutic modalities. Her coaching focuses on helping individuals, especially women, reinvent their most intimate relationship—the one with themselves.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Kate McCauley

Kate McCauley - Danu, LLC - Featured Coach

Kate McCauley focuses on helping women manage stress to lead happier and healthier lives. She leverages her experiences in education and health to guide her clients toward personal growth and well-being​.

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Shikha Rastogi

Shikha Rastogi - The Self-Love Coach - Featured Coach

Shikha Rastogi is a life coach based in California, specializing in Self-Love Coaching. Her approach is centered on empowering Empaths, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), and women to harness self-love and step into their power. 

Shad Morgheim

Evelyn Betances – The Fab Chieftess

Evelyn Betances is the founder of The Fab Chieftess brand and a mindset transformation coach based in Northern California. Her coaching empowers women, particularly those aged 25-45, to reclaim their feminine authority, boost confidence, and overcome fears like impostor syndrome.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Melissa Lawrence

Melissa Lawrence Life Coach

Melissa’s coaching incorporates psychology practices, positive psychology principles, and insights from thought leaders like Susan Jeffers, Carol Dweck, and Brené Brown to help women break through barriers, live authentically, and achieve their goals.

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Life Coach Magazine Feature

Martine Williams

Martine Williams - Featured Coach

Martine Williams is a life coach, public motivator, podcaster, and entrepreneur focusing on empowering mompreneurs. Through her signature Illuminate YOU™ Coaching program, Martine helps women get unstuck, boost their confidence, break through burnout, and fast-track success.

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Life Coach Magazine Feature

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Life Coach

To ensure you find a coach who feels like a true ally in your journey, consider asking the following questions:

  • Can you tell me about your background and experience as a life coach? What is your area of specialization in women’s coaching? 

Different coaches have different approaches. Some may be more directive, while others take a more collaborative approach. Understanding their style helps you gauge if it aligns with your needs and personality.

  • Can you share some success stories or specific examples of how you’ve helped women achieve their goals?

Success stories give you a glimpse of what to expect and how the coach has facilitated growth and change in other women.

  • How do you measure progress and success?

Understanding how a coach tracks progress helps set expectations and ensures that you are both aligned in your goals and how to achieve them.

  • What is your confidentiality policy? How do you ensure ethical practice in your coaching?

Confidentiality and ethics are the backbones of any coaching relationship. It’s important that you feel safe and secure in this aspect.

  • What are your fees? Do you offer any customized packages or payment plans?

Finally, understanding the investment and the potential return is crucial. It’s important to find a coach who fits within your budget while meeting your needs.

That’s it! We hope this article helps you move a step closer to becoming your most empowered and confident self.

If you’re looking for additional resources, feel free to browse through our Life Coach Directory and check out our curated list of expert coaches at Life Coach Magazine

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