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Guide to Meditation University Meditation Teacher Training

Meditation University provides a broad range of meditation-related courses suited for both beginners and experienced practitioners of meditation.

If you’re just starting out, you might find their introductory courses on mindfulness, concentration, and breathwork quite enriching. 

But if you’re ready to take the next step and become a certified meditation teacher, their Meditation Teacher Training program is definitely something worth checking out.

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What are the topics covered by the Meditation Teacher Training?

The Meditation Teacher Training (MTT-200) is designed to introduce you to a variety of meditation practices from across the globe, covering everything from traditional spiritual techniques to modern secular ones.

You’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals and history of meditation; what it is and the common misconceptions about it. 
  • How to practice meditation, such as the five different types of breathwork, karma yoga, body-scan meditation, zen koans, Tibetan bowls, chakras, etc.
  • How to teach meditation; effective strategies, common pitfalls, frameworks to use, ethical considerations, and more. 
  • How to build your meditation teaching career; working with private clients, conducting corporate workshops, and maintaining client satisfaction, among many others.

Plus bonuses that include:

  • In-depth Teacher’s Manual covering numerous meditation styles
  • Direct leads for meditation coaching post-graduation
  • Opportunities to host live meditation sessions for a large online audience
  • Opportunities for networking with the editors of Meditation Magazine
  • Personal mentorship and career development sessions post-course completion

And more!

You’ll receive guidance from a group of experts, including meditation professionals, Naturopathic doctors, marketing specialists, successful entrepreneurs, and even a former NFL running back turned mentor. 

Upon completing the course, you’ll be awarded a diploma that certifies you to both practice and teach meditation.

How long does the Meditation Teacher Training last?

The length of meditation training programs varies, with some lasting a few weeks and others a few months. At Meditation University, the program spans 12 weeks and it’s all online so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

You’ll have the flexibility to go through pre-recorded lessons at your own pace. Plus, live “Practice Circles” and Q&A sessions via Zoom are scheduled to accommodate students in North American and European time zones. 

These live sessions usually take place at around noon EST on Sundays.

Is MTT accredited?

Yes, the MTT-200 program is accredited by the International Mindfulness & Meditation Alliance and The Meditation Organization. 

Once you graduate, your certification will be respected wherever you choose to teach.

How much is Meditation University’s MTT Program?

MTT costs $3,000. This fee covers fair pay for the teachers and top-notch training for students.

The university also provides financial aid options for students who might need it. 

Meditation University Meditation Teacher Training Alternatives

If you’re not sure whether MTT is the right fit for you, consider these alternatives:

Transformation Academy’s Meditation Coach and Facilitator Certification 

This is a budget-friendly, 10-hour CPD-accredited program perfect for those who aren’t ready to commit to an expensive course but want to learn the fundamentals of meditation coaching and facilitation.

Plus, you can get 50% off using our special link (discount applied at checkout).

Natural Wellness Academy’s Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor 

Priced higher than Transformation Academy’s program but still more affordable than MTT-200 and others on this list. 

While it’s not as in-depth as MTT-200, it’s ideal for those looking to have a focus on mindfulness. It’s AADP-accredited, too. 

Full review here


The most expensive option on this list but IMMA-accredited and is the longest (6 months to complete).

Check out our full review

The Path’s Meditation Teacher Training

This training is perfect for those interested in learning about Buddhist wisdom.

It’s around the same price as the Natural Wellness Academy’s program but is not accredited as of writing.

Here’s a full review to learn more about this program.

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