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The Path Meditation Teacher Training Review

Last updated on March 18, 2024

A meditation teacher guides individuals or groups in learning how to meditate to improve mental clarity and emotional calm. If you’re thinking about becoming one, completing a meditation coach certification program from a recognized institution is important.

Enter The Path’s Meditation Teacher Training. In this article, we’ll talk about how this program works, its duration, cost, and other details to help you on your journey to becoming a great meditation instructor.

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About The Path

The Path is a vibrant meditation community focused on making meditation accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Founded by Dina Kaplan, The Path has been guiding people in their meditation journey since 2014. It offers a comprehensive range of meditation-related programs, courses, and retreats designed for various audiences, from beginners to those looking to become certified meditation teachers.

The training at The Path is known for engaging classes led by seasoned instructors, with a focus on small class sizes. It introduces weekly mindfulness challenges you can integrate into daily life and places a strong emphasis on building community. 

For those interested in obtaining a Buddhist meditation teacher certification, The Path’s Meditation Teacher Training is an excellent option to consider.

The curriculum helps demystify Buddhist wisdom for all learners, covering key concepts such as the 5 Precepts, the Eightfold Path, and the Four Noble Truths. The goal is to aid students in achieving a deeper sense of presence, balance, clarity, and peace.

Meditation Teacher Training and Certification

The Path’s Meditation Teacher Training is an online, accredited program designed to certify participants as teachers of Mindfulness and Compassion meditations.

The Path Meditation Teacher Training

The course covers a spectrum of topics, including the neuroscience behind meditation, Buddhist wisdom, and practical guidance on leading meditations and building a meditation practice. 

You’ll get a chance to engage in personal meditation practice, participate in small groups (pods) for practice teaching, and receive constructive feedback to refine your skills.

This program is also designed to cultivate a sense of community among participants. These bonds often last, with many finding themselves regularly catching up even years after finishing the course.

Training Duration 

The training spans over a three-month period.

It includes 12 live discussion group classes hosted virtually via Zoom, where students also meet in small “pods” to practice teaching. Students are expected to prepare for the weekly classes by watching on-demand videos that cover segments of Buddhist wisdom and meditation practices.

By the end of the three months, they will have gained the confidence, vocabulary, and presence needed to lead others in meditation.

Training Cost

Meditation teacher training costs can vary depending on the program you choose, the duration, the depth of the training, and the credentials of the instructors. Some programs may cost a few hundred dollars, while more comprehensive courses can run into thousands.

For’s Meditation Teacher Training, the tuition begins at $1,099, with partial scholarships (up to $400 off the admission fee) and payment plans available. 

You can get a full refund 12 days before the program begins. And if you cancel 7 days before the program starts, you’re still eligible for a 50% refund.

A $130 processing fee applies to all refunds.

Should you need to switch to a later class after the refund period has expired (and if there’s space available), you’ll be subject to a $230 fee for changing classes.

The Path Meditation Teacher Training Reviews

MTT Alternatives

Looking for alternatives? Here are some of the best meditation teacher trainings to consider:

Transformation Academy – Meditation Coach and Facilitator Certification

This CPD-accredited program is designed to equip you with the skills to guide clients toward clarity, peace, and well-being through meditation. 

It is 100% online, self-paced, and covers meditation best practices, life coaching skills, and techniques for facilitating meditation. 

Upon completion, you receive a digital certification, with options for a printed certificate and CPD/CEU credits. 

Head to our Transformation Academy review to learn more about their programs.

Natural Wellness Academy – Meditation & Mindfulness Instructor Program

As the name implies, this program trains individuals to become professional instructors in meditation and mindfulness.

It covers topics such as effective meditation scripts, voice modulation, mindfulness exercises, and working with clients both in-person and virtually, among others.

It is especially beneficial for those looking to work with individuals or groups in settings like health and fitness centers, hospitals, corporations, schools, and more. 

Be sure to head to our NWA review to learn more.

Sura Flow – LIBERATE

LIBERATE is a meditation coach training that teaches a unique, effortless meditation approach called Sura Flow (which focuses on heart, body, and energy for self-realization). 

The program aims to transform participants into certified meditation coaches who can empower others to achieve balance, clarity, insight, and purpose.

Check out our Sura Flow LIBERATE review to learn more about the program. 

Other options besides these three programs include Immersive Leadership Academy (known for its guided meditation framework) and The Chopra Center (best for primordial sound meditation).

Teaching meditation without certification is possible, but getting certified from these programs can make you so much more credible and trustworthy to potential clients.


If you’re interested in a meditation program that’s enjoyable, easy to access, and comes with the support of an inspiring community, consider signing up for The Path’s Meditation Teacher Training today.

And, if you need more resources for your meditation coaching journey, check out this 5-minute grounding meditation script and our article on the best meditation training programs

Best of luck!

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