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Mel Robbins Coaching Certification Program

Last updated on February 21, 2024

If you’ve been exploring the coaching industry and influential leaders in this field, you must have heard of Mel Robbins. She has been a global inspiration and influential figure for over a decade and is one of the most recognized motivational speakers in the world. 

But is there a Mel Robbins coaching certification? Can she train you for the career of a successful life coach? That’s what we’re about to unravel!

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Who Is Mel Robbins?

Mel Robbins is a renowned motivational speaker, author, and coach who has captivated audiences across the globe with her no-nonsense approach and research-backed advice. Mel delivers practical strategies to help individuals overcome self-doubt, take action, and create meaningful change in their lives. 

She is topping the charts in every way. She has sold millions of books, her videos have billions of views, and her podcast is the number-one education podcast in the world. Plus, her book is a New York Times bestseller, and she has six number-one audiobooks on Audible.

Is Mel Robbins Related to Tony Robbins?

Tony Robbins is also one of the most well-known life coaches in the world, but despite sharing the same last name, Mel and Tony are not related to each other. They are two distinct professionals who have made significant contributions in the fields of motivational speaking and personal development.

What Propelled Mel Robbins’ Career to Success?

Mel’s rise to prominence began with her viral TED Talk “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over,” which resonated with millions and showcased her unique perspective on personal development. With a bestselling book, The 5 Second Rule, and a strong media presence, Mel has established herself as a leading voice in the self-help industry. Her authenticity, relatability, and commitment to empowering others have made her a beacon of inspiration for those seeking transformation and success.

Debunking the Myth: Does Mel Robbins Have a Coaching Certification Program?

Mel Robbins does have coaching programs for personal development, but she doesn’t offer a course for becoming a certified life coach. Her primary focus lies in speaking engagements, writing books, and delivering inspirational content. 

If you want to hone skills, techniques, and strategies for successfully coaching others, we recommend the following top life coach certification programs, all of which uphold accreditation from recognized entities in the coaching industry:

From Attorney to Life Coach: The Transformative Journey of Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is a Boston Law School graduate and started her career working for a big corporate firm. After several years of practicing law, Mel Robbins found herself grappling with doubts about her career choice. The stress and anxiety, coupled with the lack of enthusiasm for her work, motivated her to reconsider her path.

In search of guidance, Mel decided to start working with a life coach, which inspired her to launch her own self-help coaching company in 2001. She managed to get her life coaching career up and running, and things were progressing positively until a significant turning point in 2008: her husband’s restaurant business was on the brink of collapse, they were in debt, her marriage was strained, and it all culminated in depression and anxiety. 

She was struggling to get out of bed, and in her darkest moments, Mel devised a powerful tool—the “5-second rule.” This simple concept involved counting down from five during moments of hesitation and taking immediate action.

Not only did this rule help her overcome personal obstacles and regain control, but it became her signature self-development method. She broke free from the inertia that held her back and ultimately landed a position with Cox Media. 

At Cox, Mel quickly established herself as a prominent legal analyst and gained widespread recognition, particularly for her coverage of high-profile cases such as the George Zimmerman trial. With her growing celebrity status, she expanded her influence by hosting various shows and delivering a TED Talk that opened the door to the impressive career she has today. 

Mel Robbins Coaching Programs for Self-Development 

Mel Robbins has a couple of coaching programs for self-development. All of her programs are science-based and grounded in research. Here are the currently available courses:

  • Launch with Mel Robbins – A 6-month-long coaching program designed to help you launch into a better version of yourself. It’s fully booked at the moment, but you can sign up for the waitlist. This is the only program where you can get coached by Mel directly. 
  • Mel Robbins’ 31 Sessions – This program contains 31 videos with the purpose of helping you make life-changing alterations in life in just 5 minutes a day.
  • Take Control with Mel Robbins – With this free 3-part training program, you can learn how to regain control in your life. 
  • Mindset Reset: How To Win The Mental Game – This is another free course focused on how to give your brain a reset and help you beat anxiety. It lasts 35 days. 

Mel Robbins’ Books and Podcasts

Other sources of Mel Robbins’ philosophy, strategies, and insightful guidance are her best-selling books and widely popular podcasts.

The Mel Robbins Podcast is an award-winning podcast that gives an exclusive backstage pass to Mel Robbins’ real-time insights. In each episode, Mel shares valuable tactical advice, engages in thought-provoking conversations, and introduces tools and strategies for living a more fulfilled life.

Here’s Exactly What to Do is Mel’s second podcast, where she shares simple and practical action steps you should take in different areas of your life where you feel stuck and start creating positive change.

She also has an impressive number of books and audiobooks that can help you dive deeper into her methods. If you want to browse her library, here’s a summary of all of her titles:

  • The High 5 Habit – New York Times bestseller featuring simple habits for taking control of your life.
  • The 5 Second Rule – With 1 million copies sold, this book reveals Mel’s signature 5-second method.
  • The High 5 Daily Journal – This is a journal with daily prompts and exercises for boosting your confidence.
  • The 5 Second Journal – A step-by-step guide to daily journaling for increased productivity and confidence.
  • Take Control Over Your Life – One of the top-selling Audible books of all time that addresses how to break free from anxiety and fear.
  • Kick Ass with Mel Robbins – An audiobook featuring real people coaching sessions and Mel’s ultimate business advice.
  • Start Here – Awarded the Best Self-Development Title of 2020 on Audible and named to Audible’s Best of 2020 year-end list, this audiobook includes a series of short audio pep talks to help you get started with making long-lasting changes in your life. 
  • Work It Out – This is a business-focused audiobook awarded Best Business Title of 2019 on Audible and named to Audible’s Best of 2019 year-end list. The book combines one-on-one career coaching sessions and personal narratives.


Mel Robbins is living proof of how you can make a global impact with life coaching. What we can learn from her journey is that change, fulfillment, and success are just around the corner, but it’s up to you whether you’ll take that turn. Embracing your unique self and finding the strength within is what empowers every life-altering transformation.

If you dream of becoming a life coach, nothing is standing in your way. Make that first step, enroll in a life coach training program, and allow yourself to fulfill your purpose. With coaching programs like Coach Training Alliance, which can get your ICF-certified in a couple of weeks, and the affordable Transformation Academy that aligns with everyone’s budgets, there can be no excuses.

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