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Transformation Life Coach Certification – Everything You Need to Know

Last updated on February 16, 2024

Transformation Academy has an amazing variety of niche training courses for coaches, and Transformation Life Coach Certification is one of their most popular training programs. But, does it truly match the high expectations? Let’s find out!

In this review, we’ll explore everything you should know about this course before clicking on that sign-up button. We’ll break down the pricing, duration, benefits, and reviews, so you can have a complete overview of what the program offers. 

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About Transformation Life Coach Certification

The Transformation Life Coach Certification is a straightforward and content-rich course for life coaches who want to specialize in guiding clients through inner transformation. The course instructors are Joeel and Natalie Rivera, the husband-and-wife team of life coaches and entrepreneurs who founded Transformation Academy.

The program is designed to help you reach proficiency in transformation life coaching by teaching you how to guide your clients as they break barriers, make lasting transformations, navigate transitions, and take control over their lives. In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, you will get access to proven methods and a step-by-step process to completely revolutionize transformational coaching.

The Transformation Life Coach Certification program is great for anyone looking to become a coach or enhance their skills in specific areas, as there are no previous requirements.

Life coach with clients - How To Become a Certified Life Coach

Transformation Academy is accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Agency, so this coach certification also carries the CPD recognition. You can find more information about Transformation Academy and its accreditation in our detailed review.

Note: If your goal is to achieve the esteemed “gold standard” in coaching accreditation from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), we suggest you look into the Coach Training Alliance. To understand the rationale behind our recommendation, take a look at our review.

Pros and Cons of Transformation Life Coach Certification

To decide if the Transformation Life Coach Certification fits your goals, let’s highlight the key points. We’ll cover its course length, benefits, cost, and feedback from students and graduates.

Well-Rounded Curriculum

Transformation Life Coach Certification has an impressive syllabus that covers both foundational elements of transformation coaching and hands-on methods. You’ll explore the psychological side of change and the practical steps to make it happen. 

Here’s what you’ll learn about during the program:

  • Psychology of human potential
  • Helping clients break through old patterns
  • Identifying clients’ needs and potential roadblocks
  • Developing a mindset of success
  • Self-mastery and creating transformation from within
  • Practical steps to creating a change
  • Helping clients develop a growth mindset
  • Building confidence and overcoming the fear of change, rejection, and failure 
  • Gaining clarity about what someone really wants

Whether you’re an aspiring coach or already experienced in this field, the training undoubtedly provides valuable insights for all. 

Access to Proven 7-Step Transformation Process

The advantage of life coaching courses is that you don’t need to learn through trial and error; rather, you get to adopt already tested practices. With Transformation Academy, you’ll not only get general information, but you’ll also receive step-by-step guidance for a 7-step process that’s proven to work. This includes planning, setting goals, creating an action plan, keeping clients accountable, and more.

Done-for-You System

Transformation Academy does an amazing job of simplifying the coaching process. They ensure that everyone can begin coaching immediately (even if you’re new to the field), as they will provide you with templates, worksheets, questionnaires, and intake forms to implement in your sessions. This can save you a lot of time and effort when setting up your own transformation coaching program and sessions or upgrading an already existing program.

How Long is the Transformation Life Coach Certification Course?

Transformation Academy prioritizes flexibility and enables everyone to pursue their coaching passion. That’s why their courses are designed for self-paced training. 

While the Transformation Life Coach Certification course is a 15-hour program, you have the freedom to complete it at your own pace. No matter your commitments or timetable, the course adjusts to you. 

How Much Does the Transformation Life Coach Certification Cost?

Transformation Academy is unmatched when it comes to the price-quality ratio. This course requires an investment of $197, but by using our link, you can get a 50% discount, so it can definitely suit everyone’s budget.

To maximize your investment, we suggest the Master Transformation Coach Bundle. This comprehensive package includes four certification courses at the price of $497. When you use our link, you’ll secure a 50% discount on this program as well. The included certifications are:

  • Transformation Life Coach Certification
  • Life Story Coach Certification
  • Life Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator Certification
  • Forgiveness Coach Certification

Transformation Life Coach Certification Reviews

We’ve encountered numerous positive reviews commending the course for its comprehensiveness, skilled instructors, the effect it has on their own transformation, and the practical tools it sets you up with. Let’s take a brief look at a couple of informative testimonials.

5 Stars! It is an amazing course. With useful information. Engaging presentation. It’s really a transformational journey.

Balaji E

I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and received useful tools that I have utilized myself and that can be used to assist future transformation life coaching clients.

Karimu B.

Perfect match, everything falls into place at this point in my life! It’s getting more mind-blowing every step of the way.

Dorothea B.

Is Transformation Life Coach Certification Program For You?

After going through the ins and outs of this program, we can safely say that the Transformation Life Coach Certification course lives up to its reputation. It offers a deep understanding of transformation coaching sets you up with proven tools and ready-made materials that can benefit your coaching practice. To top it all off, the reviews from graduates are full of praise, and the cost is super affordable.

If you want to do some more research before you register for this course, here are some useful steps you can take:

Do you want ICF accreditation in addition to transformation coaching certification? In that case, we recommend the comprehensive Coach Training Alliance training program, a highly regarded certification that will be recognized by clients worldwide for its adherence to the standards of the ICF.

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