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Best Dubsado Alternatives – Coaching Business Software

Last updated on February 24, 2024

When it comes to project management platforms, many freelancers opt for Dubsado. This nifty tool is equipped with automation, scheduling, reporting, and invoicing features, among many other functionalities. However, every business-savvy professional understands the importance of carefully evaluating various options before reaching a decision—which brings us to analyze Dubsado alternatives.

We’ll explore coaching management software platforms that offer a similar set of features as well as discuss their differences. Is Dubsado the right software for you, or is there a better option? Let’s find out!

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Dubsado vs Paperbell

Paperbell - The All-in-One Coaching Software for Busy Coaches

Paperbell’s advantage over Dubsado is that it’s created by coaches for coaches, so it’s tailored to life coaching needs. What you’ll find in its extensive list of features are CRM, scheduling, client portal, contracts, payments, surveys, and custom landing pages. For a more in-depth analysis of features, check out our Paperbell review.

  • Group Coaching – Since Dubsado isn’t coaching-centric software, it doesn’t include group coaching tools like Paperbell.
  • Digital Product – What’s unique about Paperbell is that besides sessions and packages, it also assists you in selling digital products like e-books, audiobooks, videos, workbooks, etc.
  • Client Onboarding – With Dubsado, you need to take separate steps for invoicing, payments, and scheduling, while Paperbell automates the entire client onboarding process, including scheduling and payment within one seamless workflow.

Paperbell Pricing: Starts at $47.50 per month 

Dubsado vs Honeybook

Honeybook logo - Honeybook for Coaches – Reviews, Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

Honeybook and Dubsado have a very similar set of tools. Neither platform is designed solely for coaches, so they both lack group coaching, package creation and sales, and CRM. Let’s briefly review their similarities and differences, and for a more detailed Honeybook overview, go to our Honeybook review.

  • Payment Reminders – You can automate payment reminders and invoices with both Honeybook and Dubsado so you won’t have to manually deal with follow-ups.
  • Customizable Templates – Dubsado also has a library of templates, but Honeybook has a better variety and the templates’ designs are stunning.
  • No Client Portal – Honeybook doesn’t have a client portal, which is a great tool for increasing client engagement. Even though Dubsado’s client portal isn’t as interactive as some others, it does allow clients to access contracts, pay invoices, and fill out forms. 

Honeybook Pricing: Starts at $16 per month. You can use our link to take advantage of a 50% discount.

Dubsado vs Coaches Console

Coaches Console Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Coaches Console is a one-stop-shop type of software with an impressive range of features such as website building, course delivery, email marketing, appointment scheduling, client management, payments, and reporting. It beats Dubsado in terms of comprehensiveness without a doubt, but its price is higher compared to other coaching software. If you’d like to know whether the cost is justified, read our Coaches Console review.

  • Course Creator – Coaches Console provides a convenient feature that lets you create and sell coaching courses effortlessly, with the added benefit of controlling client access to the courses.
  • No Group Sessions – Your clients will have access to automated booking, but they won’t be able to sign up for a group session. 
  • Multiple Levels of Security – Coaches Console prioritizes privacy and protection, so it uses several security methods including username, and password protection, HTTPS-protected pages, and 256-bit encryption technology.

Coaches Console Pricing: Starts at $147 per month

Dubsado vs Practice logo - Practice Software Review – Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

Considering that Practice is an all-in-one coaching software while Dubsado is a business management platform for professionals in all industries, you’ll find a more extensive list of features in Practice. It will automate your tasks, streamline scheduling, centralize client management, give your clients a dedicated portal, systemize invoicing and payments, and more. We won’t go into too much detail now, as you can read it all in our Practice review

  • Automated Workflow – While Dubsado’s automation feature is somewhat limited, Practice goes all out and allows you to create as simple or as complex automation sequences as you want (and as many as you want!).
  • Client Portal – Practice’s client portal will help you keep your clients engaged and give them consistent access to valuable resources. With Dubsado, clients will only have access to invoices and billing.
  • Consolidated Client Communication – Since Practice has a built-in chat feature, you won’t need to scatter your communication with clients across several platforms and apps.

Practice Pricing: Starts at $28 per month. Use promo code LCM to get 50% off for 2 months or the code LCM1 for an additional $5 off the annual plan (which is already discounted by over 20% compared to the monthly plan).

Dubsado vs CoachVantage

CoachVantage Reviews – Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

CoachVantage is a versatile software that is super easy to use. It’s customized for coaching needs so it has features like CRM, scheduling, package creation, contracts, invoicing, forms, and so on. Group coaching functionality is also soon to come. Get all the info about CoachVantage in our in-depth review.

  • Resource Library – Both you and your clients can securely upload, store, and access files such as PDFs, worksheets, videos, and audio files to your CoachVantage account. 
  • Hour Log – CoachVantage is the only software on the list that has an hour log feature that automatically tracks your hours and counts them toward your coaching certification.
  • Personal Branding – Make your brand recognizable with CoachVantage branding functionality. Customize the look of your interface with your signature colors, business name, and logo.

CoachVantage Pricing: Starts at $26 per month. Use the code CV10 to get 10% off for life!

Dubsado vs CoachAccountable

Coach Accountable logo - CoachAccountable Reviews, Pricing, and Features – The Ultimate Guide for Coaches

When it comes to a variety of features, CoachAccountable has the upper hand compared to Dubsado. The platform is mobile-friendly and supports features that Dubsado doesn’t have, including client management, team management, course creation, reporting, and client engagement. There’s also a Team edition for bigger coaching businesses. Head to our review for a full guide on CoachAccountable features and pricing.

  • Progress Tracking – CoachAccountable allows you to track the progression of your client engagement so you can keep up with how many days or sessions they have left.
  • Various Payment Options – The software supports numerous payment options such as packages, subscriptions, recurring billing, and installment billing. It also integrates with Stripe and PayPal.
  • Pricing Based on the Number of Clients – Since the pricing plan depends on the number of clients, the cost will grow as your business expands.

CoachAccountable Pricing: Starts at $20 per month for up to 2 clients

Dubsado vs Simplero

Simplero logo - How Simplero Will Help Your Coaching Business

When it comes to sales, no one does it better than Simplero. In addition to all the typical features of coaching software (CRM, scheduling, course delivery, reporting, email marketing, and billing), Simplero also has unique features that entice sales as well as an affiliate management tool. You can learn more about it in our Simplero review.

  • Mobile App for Clients – Your clients can access all their data in an intuitive and modern app.
  • Sales Enticing Features – Simplero helps compel clients to add more to their cart with Upsell, Downsell, and Order Bump features.
  • Affiliate Management – Simplero comes with a built-in affiliate program.

Simplero Pricing: Starts at $59 per month 

Dubsado vs Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub logo - Life Coach Hub Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Life Coach Hub comes with numerous features that complement a coaching business, from scheduling and automation to content delivery, resource sharing, invoices, and billing. It also includes a website builder and marketing tools. Discover more about this software by reading our comprehensive review

  • Group Coaching – Life Coach Hub supports group coaching so you can easily provide this option to your clients and streamline scheduling.
  • Interactive Coaching Toolkit – Life Coach Hub has an interactive coaching toolkit that includes useful material for coaching, such as journals, website packages, goals, and coaching plans.
  • Marketing and Website Packages Cost Extra – If you’d like to use Life Coach Hub’s website and marketing tools, you will need to pay additional fees.

Life Coach Hub Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $17 per month 

Dubsado vs UpCoach

Upcoach logo - UpCoach Reviews, Features, and Pricing – The Ultimate Guide

UpCoach is an all-in-one coaching platform, so it offers some features that Dubsado lacks. These include client management, program builder, course creation, accountability tools, and chat features. Have a look below at UpCoach’s biggest advantages and disadvantages, and for more detailed insight, be sure to read our review.

  • Program Builder – Potentially UpCoach’s best feature is the program builder that you can use to create diverse program options for clients, such as 1-on-1 programs, group programs, cohort programs, or Mastermind programs. 
  • Accountability Tools – An exclusive UpCoach functionality is the accountability toolbox. It comes with a habit tracker, accountability groups, to-dos, and smart documents which help with keeping clients engaged and accountable.
  • No Contracts, Invoicing, or Payments – Dubsado may not be a coach-specific tool, but it does offer e-signing of contracts and invoicing, while UpCoach has no such features.

Upcoach Pricing: Starts at $29 per user per month

Dubsado vs Delenta

Delenta logo - Delenta Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Delenta is an innovative and robust software with lots of special features like the advanced program creator, a multi-coach platform for collaborations, an app for clients, and adding rewards to your profile. It also encompasses all the essential coaching tools like scheduling, CRM, contracts, payments, and reporting. Our Delenta review can give you a greater understanding of its features if you’re interested.

  • Package Creator – Delenta allows you to offer different sessions, packages, and courses to your clients.
  • Multi-Coach Platform – You can add fellow coaches, assistants, or team members to Delenta to simplify your collaboration.
  • Discount Coupon and Membership –  Make your services more tempting to clients with Delenta’s discounts and memberships.

Delenta Pricing: Starts at $19 per user per month. For a limited time, Delenta is offering 50% off your first purchase of their product, whether it be a monthly or yearly plan. Just use the code LCM50 to get the discount.

Dubsado vs Bonsai

Bonsai logo - Bonsai Reviews, Features, and Pricing – A Complete Guide

Bonsai will help you manage your coaching practice from top to bottom. This feature-rich software includes scheduling, CRM, client portal, payments, contracts, and all the basics. What makes Bonsai stand out is that it will also handle the financial aspects of your business, which we’ve explained more thoroughly in Bonsai review.

  • Coaching Templates – Even though Dubsado also offers templates, Bonsai’s template diversity is vast and more tailored to coaching needs.
  • Financial Management – Use Bonsai for accounting, profit tracking, expense tracking, banking, tax write-offs, and estimation of quarterly taxes, as well as other financial tasks.
  • Tax Assistant or Partners Add-Ons Cost Extra – There’s an additional monthly fee for both Tax Assistant and Partners (enables collaboration with additional users) if you want to use these tools.

Bonsai Pricing: Starts at $17 per month

Dubsado vs Profi

Profi logo - Profi – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

If you run a team of coaches or you’re a solopreneur with a strategic vision for expanding your business, Profi would be a much better choice than Dubsado. We’d like to point out its co-hosting feature, list view of all the services, integrated video conference and chat, and extensive reports. Our review can be the perfect source for those who want to know more about Profi.

  • Built-in Video and Chat – You can streamline client communication and host conferences and sessions without the use of any other platform since Profi has built-in video and chat features.
  • Co-Hosting Feature – Profi allows you to collaborate with fellow coaches and co-host programs together.
  • Progress Tracking – Keep tabs on your clients’ progress throughout the coaching process, starting from when they first express interest to when they become potential clients, and all the way through to when they become paying clients.

Profi Pricing: Starts at $99 per month

Dubsado vs 17Hats

17Hats is a simple but robust business management platform, quite similar to Dubsado, but more affordable and comprehensive. The purpose of this software is to cater to the needs of solo business owners in any industry. It offers solutions for CRM, scheduling, payments, contracts, invoicing, email templates, payment plans, reporting, time management, and lead management.

  • Limited Features – 17Hats doesn’t have many of the features specific to coaching, such as course creation, group sessions, content delivery, progress tracking, and marketing. 
  • Various Payment Plans – One of the standout features of 17Hats is the diversified payment options, including automatic payments and recurring billing. 
  • Branding – You can personalize the 17Hats interface by changing colors and fonts, and adding your logo.

17Hats Pricing: Starts at $13 per month

Dubsado vs Nudge Coach

If you’d like to set up a professional-looking app for your clients, the Nudge Coach App might be the solution. Besides the branded app, its list of features includes scheduling and delivering programs, content delivery, chat, goal setting, managing your client lists, and progress tracking.

  • Customized Coaching App – Nudge Coach can take your business to the next level with your branded coaching app for clients.
  • Limited Features – There are some useful coaching features that you won’t get with Nudge Coach, like program builder, contract signing, marketing tools, and website builder.
  • No Payment Functionality – Nudge Coach doesn’t support sending invoices and collecting payments.

Nudge Coach Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $60 per month (or $300 per year)

Dubsado vs Satori

Satori is an all-in-one software for coaches, so its set of features is more extensive compared to Dubsado. What makes Satori great is simple client enrollment, custom branding, group sessions, automated follow-ups, and signature coaching packages.

  • Variety of Packages – You can create and offer your clients different types of services, including classes, coaching groups, and workshops.
  • Different Payment Options – Entice more clients to sign up for your packages with subscriptions, payment plans, discounts, and custom billing cycles.
  • Custom branding – Personalize the look of your booking pages and client login area to align with your unique brand, and provide your clients with a visually appealing and consistent booking experience.

Satori Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $8 per month

Summary & Recommendations

Why waste your brain power, energy, and precious time on administrative nuisances when you can simplify and automate them with coaching software. Depending on which tasks you want to take off your plate, you can easily find a platform that meets all your criteria.

We hope that our list of Dubsado alternatives has shed light on what this software has to offer compared to others as well as revealed its weaknesses. Knowing how this platform stacks up against other options can lead you to the perfect software for your business.

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