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Life Coach Certification Cost – Top Life Coach Certifications for Your Budget

Last updated on February 24, 2024

How much does a life coach certification cost? This is one of the first questions a coach will ask when they start to consider becoming a certified coach. However, there’s no straightforward answer, since tuition of training programs varies greatly—you can find programs from under $200 to over $10,000! 

If you have a specific budget in mind and are looking for certification options that align with it, look no further! Explore our handpicked list of top certification programs categorized by price range that cater to diverse budgets and needs.

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Life Coach Certifications Under $200

Transformation Academy

Transformation Academy’s Professional Life Coach Certification provides an affordable pathway to becoming a certified life coach while gaining valuable insights into coaching techniques and business growth strategies. The course is completely self-directed and can be done at your own pace. Besides the Life Coach program, Transformation Academy has a diverse range of niche coach training, such as Career, Law of Attraction, and Life Purpose Coach Certification

You can read about Transformation Academy in great detail in our in-depth review


When it comes to affordability, Udemy is at the top of the list with its inexpensive courses. For life coaching certification, you can enroll in their Professional Accredited Life Coaching Certification Diploma course. The creator is Dr. Karen E. Wells, who has been working in this field for over two decades. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of life coaching, identifying clients’ needs, types of coaching, powerful coaching tools, and much more. 

Life Coach Certifications Under $1,000

Certified Life Coach Institute

Certified Life Coach Institute (CLCI) provides two comprehensive coaching programs designed to cater to different levels of expertise—Coaching 101: Certified Life Coach® and Coaching 102: Master Certified Life Coach®. The two-tiered learning approach allows you to establish a solid foundation with Coaching 101 and later upgrade your skills if you wish. Both programs are intensive 3-day training sessions and include peer-to-peer coaching practice sessions as well as guidance on marketing and business planning.

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Universal Coach Institute 

If you want solution-focused life coach training that will also prepare you for business and marketing training, the Universal Coach Institute may be the perfect pick. The Life Coach Certification program is online and self-paced, and it will introduce you to UCI’s unique GIIFTS Coaching Model. The course also deeply focuses on how to conduct effective sessions, keep clients motivated, and stay ethical and professional while coaching. 

Life Coach Certifications Under $3,000

Life Purpose Institute

Life Purpose Institute offers flexible program options, including live training sessions and in-person learning, allowing you to choose the format that suits your needs best. You can opt for a 5-day intensive course or the 3- or 6-month long courses. The Life Coach Certification is a comprehensive training that will equip you with over 100 coaching tools for working with both individuals and groups. You’ll also receive the training hours for obtaining an ICF credential. If you’re drawn to spirituality coaching, they also have a Spiritual Coach Certification Program.

Integrative Wellness Academy

For only $1,200 and within 6 months, Integrative Wellness Academy will take you through the ins and outs of life coaching. IWA takes a holistic approach to life coaching by addressing all areas of the client’s life, including career, health, relationships, and life transitions. They will also cover over 20 different healing modalities and powerful healing techniques.

  • Program Cost: $1,200
  • Course Length: 6 months
  • Accreditation: None

Life Coach Certifications Under $5,000

Coach Training Alliance

There’s a reason Coach Training Alliance is our number-one pick for certification. When it comes to comprehensiveness, esteemed reputation, and high-quality education, Coach Training Alliance delivers unmatched value. The Certified Coach Training features a wide array of materials, tools, private learning forums, and interactive live teleconference seminars. They also employ hands-on coaching experience in authentic real-world scenarios, allowing you to immediately apply your acquired knowledge and skills with actual clients.

For more information about CTA, head to our review

iNLP Center

Elevate your coaching skills with iNLP’s psychology-based Life Coach Certification training which seamlessly integrates Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), International Coach Federation (ICF) Competencies, and Inner Dynamic Parts Work. This powerful combination of tools and techniques enables you to take your coaching practice to the highest levels for an investment of a few thousand dollars. 

You can learn more about neuro-linguistic programming here. We have also reviewed iNLP Center, so you can check that out if you’re interested in their work. 

Life Coach Certifications Under $10,000

Erickson International 

The Art and Science of Coaching by Erickson International is rooted in Solution-Focused coaching, backed by cutting-edge neuroscientific principles, and recognized globally for its ability to train coaches. They offer you the possibility for ICF accreditation as an ACC- or a PCC-accredited coach. You get several options to choose from, whether you want The Art & Science of Coaching Certificate, The Art & Science of Coaching Level 1 (ACC), or The Art & Science of Coaching Level 2 (PCC). 

We have explained the difference between ACC and PCC credentials in our article about the best ICF-accredited certifications

Health Coach Institute

Get more bang for your buck with Health Coach Institute’s dual certification. The Health and Life Coach Certification program has a robust curriculum based on neuroscience, habit change, behavioral psychology, intuitive listening, and healthy lifestyle design. Their focus is not solely on effective coaching, but also on how to launch a business and attract clients

If this sounds enticing, you can read our review of Health Coach Institute before you make a decision. 

Life Coach Certifications Over $10,000


iPEC may be on the expensive side compared to other certifications, but the program’s comprehensiveness justifies its price. First of all, through their Coach Training program, you’ll gain three valuable certifications—Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and a COR.E Dynamics™ Specialist. You will also be able to specialize in one of four popular areas: life coaching, health and wellness, executive coaching, or sports and performance coaching. 

The training program uses distinctive coaching methodologies that are deeply grounded in the principles of Core Energy Coaching™. You will also get access to seminars, mentorship sessions, workbooks, business and marketing training, and more.

To get even more detail about iPEC, check out our review

The Life Coach School

One of the most reputable high-cost coaching schools in the world, The Life Coach School provides a self-paced immersive life coach training certification. Through the program, you will acquire the necessary skills to assist others in setting meaningful goals, devising actionable plans to achieve those goals, and honing your coaching abilities. In addition to the robust curriculum, the Life Coach School provides ample resources to support your learning journey, including ongoing education and teleconferences after graduation, as well as access to an online coaching community.

If you’re intrigued by The Life Coach School or want to find out whether the program is worth the cost, you can read our review

  • Program Cost: $18,000
  • Course Length: Self-paced (12 months)
  • Accreditation: None


Whether you are ready to spend $150 or $15,000 on a certification, there’s a program out there that will meet your criteria. The variety of price ranges means that there should be no obstacles for those who wish to pursue a career as a life coach. If you didn’t find your dream program in this list, head over to our article on the best life coaching certifications for even more options.

As long as you have the passion and willingness to learn, there’s a program that will give you the knowledge, credentials, and skills to set you up for a professional life coaching career.

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