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Best Profi Alternatives – Coaching Business Software

Last updated on February 24, 2024

Are you on the hunt for coaching software that can cut down the time you spend running a coaching practice? While Profi is a popular choice among solopreneurs and bigger coaching businesses alike across all coaching fields, there are other options out there that might better suit your needs.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve rounded up some of the top Profi alternatives and compared them side-by-side. Whether you’re looking for a more affordable option or a tool that’s more or less comprehensive, we’ve got you covered.

You can also refer to our Profi review for a full feature overview, pricing outline, and feedback from coaches who have used this software.

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Profi vs Paperbell

Paperbell - The All-in-One Coaching Software for Busy Coaches

If you’re looking for a software solution that not only takes care of your business needs but also looks sleek and professional, Paperbell is worth considering. Its stylish design is sure to impress clients, while its comprehensive list of features, such as CRM, scheduling, program builder, contracts, and payments, can help streamline your business operations. We won’t dive too deeply into the specifics of Paperbell’s features here, but you can read all about them in our in-depth Paperbell review

  • Group Coaching – Paperbell’s group coaching tool is more advanced compared to Profi’s group sessions functionality since Paperbell enables you to create and sell group programs, manage group coaching sessions, integrate private Facebook group or Voxer access into the program, set automatic reminders to participants, and more.
  • Digital Product – Suppose you offer digital products such as workbooks, journals, e-books, or audiobooks as a part of your coaching practice. In that case, this feature can make the process of selling them more straightforward as you can sell them separately, as well as include them in coaching packages.
  • Custom Landing Pages and Shop Page – Change up the look of landing pages for each package and shop page that provides your clients an overview of all products with your signature colors and logo.
  • Streamlined Online Checkout – The streamlined checkout process removes the need for manual invoicing, so you can make the payment process faster and more efficient. 

Paperbell Pricing: Starts at $47.50 per month 

Profi vs Honeybook

Honeybook logo - Honeybook for Coaches – Reviews, Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

Honeybook is an affordable solution to business management that can help you schedule appointments, create customizable documents, and streamline your contracts and payments. However, it’s worth noting that Honeybook doesn’t have some of the coaching-specific features you might find essential, such as a course creator and group coaching functionality. If you need these tools, Profi has the advantage over Honeybook. If you’re curious to learn more about Honeybook and its features, check out our in-depth review

  • Automated Workflow  – With features like automatic follow-ups, payment reminders, and behavior- or date-based triggers, you can ensure that you’re engaging with your clients and keeping your business organized.
  • Designed for Individual Projects – If you plan to offer the same package to multiple clients, keep in mind that Honeybook doesn’t support this feature. Instead, you’ll need to create a new project and invoice for each client, which will prolong the process.
  • Customizable Templates – Honeybook’s templates feature can be a real timesaver for your business, since the pre-designed templates eliminate the need for you to create business documents and promotional material from scratch.

Honeybook Pricing: Starts at $16 per month. Use our link to take advantage of a 50% discount on annual or monthly plans.

Profi vs Coaches Console

Coaches Console Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Coaches Console is an all-in-one coaching software that delivers lots of similar features to Profi, such as client management, client portal, scheduling, course delivery, reporting, invoicing, and payments. Coaches Console outperforms Profi in website building and email marketing since Profi lacks these features. Head to our Coaches Console review for more information about this software.

  • Website Builder – Coaches Console can set you up with an attractive marketing website, so if you don’t have a coaching site yet, you can take that task off your to-do list.
  • Email Marketing – The robust email marketing solution will allow you to create and automate email campaigns, segment your email lists, and track the performance of your emails.
  • Multiple Levels of Security – Privacy and security of the highest standards are included with this software since it protects you with HTTPS-protected pages, 256-bit encryption technology, and username and password.
  • Coaching Templates – Coaches Console has a library with over 30 templates, including privacy policies, contracts, course templates, and more.

Coaches Console Pricing: Starts at $147 per month

Profi vs CoachVantage

CoachVantage Reviews – Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

CoachVantage is a coaching management software that combines all the tools coaches might need in one place to improve productivity and save costs on tool sets. It will give you access to CRM, scheduling, forms, package creation, file sharing, contracts, invoicing, and payments. We have delved into the intricacies of CoachVantage in our review if you want more details.

  • Resource Library – The resource library provides a simple and secure solution for storing and sharing your files as you’ll be able to access and manage your resources in one central location.
  • Hour Log – CoachVantage is the only tool that comes with an hour-logging feature that automatically records your hours so you can export the report and submit it for your coaching certification.
  • Automated Client Enrollment – CoachVantage takes client enrollment off your plate by automating the process. When a client signs up, the platform will automatically refer them to the client portal and create a record of their information in your CRM

CoachVantage Pricing: Starts at $26 per month. Use the discount code CV10 for 10% off for life! 

Profi vs Practice logo - Practice Software Review – Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking for an all-in-one software solution that can help establish a professional online presence with ease, Practice coaching software might be the perfect platform for you. This software consolidates multiple features, including automation, client management, file storage, scheduling, client portal, contracts and forms, and payments. For a detailed overview of Practice’s features and capabilities, check out our Practice review.

  • Automated Workflow – The powerful automation feature allows you to set unlimited triggers and actions so you can sequence automated activities and follow-ups, and leave manually handling repetitive tasks behind. 
  • Consolidated Client Communication – The built-in chat will centralize your communication and make it easier for you to engage with clients. Profi doesn’t offer this feature.
  • Various Payment Options – Practice supports various payment methods, including credit card payments, auto-debit subscriptions, recurring invoices, and custom plans, so you can offer your clients flexibility and convenience when it comes to making payments.

Practice Pricing: Starts at $28 per month. Use promo code LCM to get 50% off for 2 months or the code LCM1 for an additional $5 off the annual plan (which is already discounted by over 20% compared to the monthly plan). 

Profi vs CoachAccountable

Coach Accountable logo - CoachAccountable Reviews, Pricing, and Features – The Ultimate Guide for Coaches

CoachAccountable is a robust management platform that can keep up with the growing demands of bigger coaching businesses. Just like Profi, CoachAccountable also provides collaboration functionalities and a solution for teams and big coaching organizations in the form of the Team Edition and Enterprise software. When it comes to features for solopreneurs, it delivers client management, scheduling, progress tracking, reporting, course creation, client engagement, and online payments. You can get the complete rundown of CoachAccountable’s features and pricing plans in our review.

  • Progress Tracking – CoachAccountable makes it easy for you to track clients’ progress, set personalized goals and action plans, review completed tasks, and monitor the client’s journey.
  • Various Payment Options – Allowing more than a single-payment option can attract more clients, and with CoachAccountable, you can include in your offer installment billing, packages, subscriptions, and recurring billing.
  • Pricing Based on the Number of Clients – The cost of this software depends on how many active clients you manage, so if your client directory is extensive, the price can be costly. 

CoachAccountable Pricing: Starts at $20 per month for up to 2 clients

Profi vs Simplero

Simplero logo - How Simplero Will Help Your Coaching Business

Simplero can do more than just automate and help with managing your business since it delivers specific tools for boosting your revenue and scaling your coaching practice. Features that Simplero provides and Profi doesn’t are sales-boosting tools, email marketing capabilities, and affiliate management features. For a detailed overview of all the features that Simplero provides, be sure to read our review.

  • Sales Boosting Features – Simplero offers a range of features that can help you increase sales and encourage clients to buy more products, which include Upsell, Downsell, and Order Bump features.
  • Affiliate Management – With Simplero, you can manage your affiliates, automate commission payments, and create custom affiliate links, all within one platform. 
  • Done-for-you Campaigns – Customize your campaigns and make them more engaging to your target audience by using Simplero’s templates created based on proven launch strategies.

Simplero Pricing: Starts at $59 per month 

Profi vs Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub logo - Life Coach Hub Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Life Coach Hub is a robust software designed to automate client management tasks, launch interactive courses, streamline scheduling, and improve client engagement. Additionally, they offer website and marketing solutions, which is unique to Life Coach Hub. To learn more about the features and benefits of this platform, check out our review.

  • Interactive Coaching Toolkit – Life Coach Hub’s interactive coaching toolkit will make preparing your coaching materials less time-consuming, since it will equip you with journals, welcome packages, goals, and coaching plans that you can customize and set in motion.
  • Marketing and Website Packages Cost Extra – Marketing and website packages are ideal for optimizing and improving your online presence; however, they aren’t included in the basic plan, and you’ll need to pay additional monthly fees to get access to these features.
  • Diverse Content Creation and Delivery – With Life Coach Hub, you can deliver various online coaching services, ranging from live or pre-recorded courses with coaching calls, digital text, audio, and video, to automatic delivery of flagship programs, group coaching, and coach training programs.

Life Coach Hub Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $17 per month 

Profi vs UpCoach

Upcoach logo - UpCoach Reviews, Features, and Pricing – The Ultimate Guide

UpCoach is a coaching platform with a modern and user-friendly design that offers features such as accountability and engagement tools, course building,  and client management. However, you should note that invoicing and payment solutions aren’t part of the package. If you want a more robust software that can keep up with your growth and centralize contracts and invoicing, Profi might be a better choice. If you want to know more about UpCoach, head to our detailed UpCoach review.

  • Program Builder – UpCoach’s program builder is worth mentioning since it’s super intuitive and it allows you to create programs designed for single participants, groups, and fellow coaches.
  • Accountability Tools – The accountability toolbox brings together various features that will keep your clients accountable, such as habit trackers, to-dos, interactive documents, and accountability groups for promoting joint accountability.
  • No Contracts, Invoicing, and Payments – UpCoach doesn’t support e-signing functionality for contracts, sending invoices, or collecting payments.

Upcoach Pricing: Starts at $29 per user per month

Profi vs Delenta

Delenta logo - Delenta Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

If you like to keep up with coaching trends and want to continually enhance your offerings, Delenta can be a great pick since they regularly introduce new features. As an all-in-one coach-centric platform, they cover all the basics with scheduling tools, CRM, contracts, reporting, payments, and more. On top of that, they offer a mobile app for clients, a multi-coach platform for collabs, and options for adding rewards to your profile. They have also improved their package creator and introduced new integrations. Read all about Delenta in our review.

  • Multi-Coach Platform – The multi-coach tool enables seamless and hassle-free collaborations with teams, assistants, or fellow coaches. 
  • Course Creator – Delenta recently enhanced its course creator allowing you to create a more diverse program offer and make stylistic improvements.
  • Displaying Rewards and Recognition – Delenta will help you showcase your rewards and certifications while maintaining the aesthetic of the interface with easy-to-spot recognition badges.
  • Discount Coupon and Membership –  Entice your clients with discounts and membership opportunities.

Delenta Pricing: Starts at $19 per user per month. For a limited time, Delenta is offering 50% off your first purchase of their product, whether it be a monthly or yearly plan. Just use the code LCM50 to get the discount.

Profi vs Bonsai

Bonsai logo - Bonsai Reviews, Features, and Pricing – A Complete Guide

Bonsai can simplify your business operations and enhance your coaching services. With its comprehensive features, Bonsai enables you to efficiently manage your schedules, appointments, courses, and payments in one platform. Unlike Profi, Bonsai also offers financial management features that allow you to keep track of your finances and manage them from the same software. We’ve provided a detailed overview of Bonsai’s features in our review so you can see if it’s the right fit for you.

  • Coaching Templates – With Bonsai’s coaching templates library, you can easily customize pre-made documents and get things done faster.
  • Financial Management – Bonsai has got your back when it comes to financial management. Whether it’s accounting, banking, expense tracking, taxes, or any other financial task you need to tackle, Bonsai provides a comprehensive solution. 
  • Tax Assistant or Partners Add-Ons Cost Extra – If you’re interested in the Tax Assistant or Partners Add-Ons, which help track expenses, estimate quarterly taxes, or grant full account access and company management to others, be aware that they come at an extra monthly cost.

Bonsai Pricing: Starts at $17 per month

Profi vs Dubsado

As a project management solution for freelancers, Dubsado can work well for small coaching businesses. While it delivers a range of management features like scheduling, automation, client portal, forms and templates, reporting, and invoicing, it doesn’t supply coaching features such as course creation, group sessions, and progress tracking, like Profi.

  • Pre-Made Templates – With customizable templates, you can craft proposals, contracts, agreements, questionnaires, and more in just a few minutes.
  • Proposal-Based Sales Process – The proposal, contract, invoice, and payment request sequence isn’t automated, so you’ll need to handle it step by step.
  • Steep Learning Curve – The steep learning curve can make it difficult for coaches to set up Dubsado on their own. Some end up hiring a specialist.

Dubsado Pricing: Starts at $20 per month

Profi vs 17Hats

17Hats can be a nice fit for coaches who want project management and automation software with a wide range of features that’s easy to use at the same time. While it doesn’t offer coach-specific functionalities such as group sessions and course creation and delivery, it does provide tools for scheduling, CRM, time management, email templates, contracts, invoicing, payments, reporting, and lead management.

  • Various Payment Plans – Streamline your payments with 17Hats’ automatic payments and recurring billing.
  • Time Management – 17Hats is dedicated to boosting your productivity with automated reminders, to-do lists, and notes.
  • Email Templates – These templates can save you time by giving you access to pre-written email templates for various purposes such as client communication, follow-ups, and marketing.
  • Limited Features – 17Hats lacks features for delivering coaching services, including course creation, group sessions, content delivery, progress tracking, and marketing. 

17Hats Pricing: Starts at $13 per month

Profi vs Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach is an ideal tool for coaches who want to expand their online programs to mobile coaching. One of its notable features is the easy-to-use app, which allows you to automate the delivery of content, track habits, and communicate with clients through the built-in chat. However, it’s important to note that Nudge Coach doesn’t have payment capabilities.

  • Customized Coaching App – With Nudge Coach, you can offer your clients more than just a web-based coaching experience. They’ll be able to access learning modules and schedule sessions from an intuitive app.
  • Limited Features – Nudge Coach only allows for content delivery, while with Profi, you can create and sell programs, courses, or interactive training curricula with sessions and a private community board. Nudge Coach also doesn’t provide marketing tools or detailed reporting.
  • No Payment Functionality – You won’t be able to finalize agreements with clients through Nudge Coach since the platform doesn’t supply invoicing and payment features.

Nudge Coach Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $60 per month (or $300 per year)

Profi vs Satori

Satori provides coaches with an array of features that cater to coaching-specific needs, such as streamlined client enrollment, group sessions, customizable branding options, pre-designed coaching packages, and automated follow-up messaging. However, if you’ve set your mind on finding software that can keep up with your business expansion or you need a platform where you can collaborate with your team, Profi is a more favorable solution.

  • Group Coaching – Besides scheduling group sessions, you can enable joint classes, workshops, and coaching groups.
  • Different Payment Options – Satori will diversify your payment options by including subscriptions, payment plans, discounts, and custom billing cycles as payment possibilities. 
  • Client Portal – Allow your clients to take control of their coaching experience with the user-friendly client dashboard where they can book sessions, view contracts, track their payments, and make profile updates.
  • Custom Branding – With Satori, you can maintain a consistent design aesthetic by customizing the booking pages and client login area.

Satori Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $8 per month

Summary & Recommendations

Using coaching software is a great way to propel your business to new heights and enhance the overall client experience. With such a diverse range of coaching software, it’s clear that you can find one that caters to your specific needs and criteria. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your productivity, efficiency, and client satisfaction as it is all just one ‘sign-up’ button away. Don’t wait any longer; start exploring your software options and take your business to the next level!

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