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Best UpCoach Alternatives – Coaching Business Software

Last updated on February 24, 2024

When it comes to client management, task automation, communication, project management, and course creation, UpCoach can take the headache out of handling those tasks. However, if you need software that will also consolidate your contracts and payments, you’ll need to look elsewhere. 

Whether you need a more all-encompassing solution or you simply want to check out your options, you’re in the right place. We’ll go over the best UpCoach alternatives so you can find what works for you. 

Need more information about UpCoach so you can compare it with other software? Then be sure to read our comprehensive review.

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UpCoach vs Paperbell

Paperbell - The All-in-One Coaching Software for Busy Coaches

Paperbell is all about making running your life coaching business as easy as possible. It can help you deal with client management, scheduling, contracts, payments, and surveys by streamlining and automating tedious administrative tasks. Our Paperbell review holds all the deets about its features and pricing, so don’t hesitate to check that out. 

  • Digital Product – Paperbell is perfect for coaches who sell digital products as well as packages, as it allows you to include in your offer e-books, videos, audiobooks, workbooks, and more.
  • Streamlined Online Checkout – With Paperbell’s online checkout software, you can manage payments for various packages and payment plans and encourage prompt payments since it eliminates the need for manual invoicing. 
  • Custom Landing Pages and Shop Page – Build branded and attractive landing pages for each package and shop page that showcases all your products to encourage clients’ purchases.

Paperbell Pricing: Starts at $47.50 per month 

UpCoach vs Honeybook

Honeybook logo - Honeybook for Coaches – Reviews, Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

If you like the simplicity of UpCoach, but you’d like software that includes invoicing and payments, you might find your match in Honeybook. Even though this is not coaching software but a business management platform, it can take care of automation, scheduling, proposals, contracts, and online payments. For more details, refer to our Honeybook review.

  • Automation – Set triggers and sequences so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to  follow up with a message, file, marketing material, or links. 
  • Customizable Templates – Instead of crafting welcome packets, invoices, questionnaires, and feedback forms from scratch, you can use one of Honeybook’s many stunning templates.
  • Limited Features – Honeybook lacks a client portal, course creator, and CRM, which are often on coaches’ must-have list of tools.

Honeybook Pricing: Starts at $16 per month. You can use our link to take advantage of a 50% discount.

UpCoach vs Coaches Console

Coaches Console Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Coaches Console focuses on all the technical parts of coaching, like client management, course creation and delivery, appointment scheduling, payments, and reporting. It also features a website builder and email marketing, so it can assist you in launching and growing your business. This software is surely more robust than UpCoach, but its price tag is higher as well. Learn the ins and outs of Coaches Console in our in-depth review.

  • Website Builder – Coaches Console will save you the trouble (and cost) of hiring a web designer since you can set up a professional website on your own. 
  • Branding – Brand all your communications with clients—such as emails, reminders, invoices, receipts, newsletters, and autoresponders—with your business name, colors, and logo.
  • Coaching Templates – Coaches Console supplies you with templates tailored to coaching businesses, such as forms, documents, and course templates.
  • No Group Sessions – Since Coaches Console doesn’t support group coaching, UpCoach has the upper hand when it comes to this feature. 

Coaches Console Pricing: Starts at $147 per month

UpCoach vs CoachVantage

CoachVantage Reviews – Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

CoachVantage is feature-rich software that can centralize your business operations. Its spectrum of features encompasses scheduling, client management, course creation, contracts, invoicing, and online payments. In addition to compensating for the payment functionalities which UpCoach doesn’t have, CoachVantage offers unique tools such as the hour log and resource library. If you’re interested in CoachVantage, check out our review for a full feature overview.  

  • Resource Library –  CoachVantage’s resource library streamlines organizing and sharing coaching resources such as training materials, guides, and templates with your clients.
  • Hour Log – Track your work productivity or accumulate hours toward your certification with this feature that automatically logs your hours and lets you pull the report at any time.
  • Automated Client Enrollment – Clients can easily sign up for coaching programs with CoachVantage’s automated enrollment process. They can choose a program and automatically access the client portal upon enrollment. Plus, CoachVantage will generate a record for them in your account.

CoachVantage Pricing: Starts at $26 per month. Use the discount code CV10 for 10% off for life! 

UpCoach vs Practice logo - Practice Software Review – Features, Pricing, and Everything You Need to Know

The whole point of Practice is to make your coaching business easier to handle by giving you a super simple experience coupled with all essential coaching tools. Some of the tools we’d like to point out are automated workflow, built-in chat, flexible payment options, and a dedicated mobile app. Get the full analysis of Practice by reading our review.

  • Automated Workflow – Compared to UpCoach’s somewhat restricted automation feature, Practice takes things to the next level and lets you build unlimited automation sequences. 
  • Consolidated Client Communication – Practice keeps your communication straightforward with a built-in chat feature that supports voice messages as well. 
  • Various Payment Options – You can create packages and offer coupons, and enable your clients to pay with a credit card, auto-debit subscriptions, or through a custom paying plan.

Practice Pricing: Starts at $28 per month. Use promo code LCM to get 50% off for 2 months or the code LCM1 for an additional $5 off the annual plan (which is already discounted by over 20% compared to the monthly plan). 

UpCoach vs CoachAccountable

Coach Accountable logo - CoachAccountable Reviews, Pricing, and Features – The Ultimate Guide for Coaches

From scheduling appointments to client management to online payments, CoachAccountable combines it all. This coaching software also comes with a mobile-responsive web app so both you and your clients can engage on the go. CoachAccoubtale can be suitable for larger coaching businesses because it has a specialized Team Edition that caters to businesses with two or more members. Our CoachAccountable review can provide you with a better understanding of this software.

  • Team Edition – CoachAccountable supports collaboration and team management, so it will work well for larger business or coaching practices striving for growth.
  • Progress Tracking – This nifty feature will make it easy for you to stay on top of all your clients and their progress so you can keep them engaged.
  • Pricing Based on the Number of Clients – The drawback of CoachAccountable is its pricing structure which depends on the number of clients.

CoachAccountable Pricing: Starts at $20 per month for up to 2 clients

UpCoach vs Simplero

Simplero logo - How Simplero Will Help Your Coaching Business

Simplero may be a top selection for coaches who prioritize efficient and automated sales processes. This software comes with exclusive features for increasing sales, launching campaigns, as well as affiliate management functionality. In addition to these unique features, it also includes CRM, email marketing, reporting, course delivery, and payments. You can learn more about it in the Simplero review

  • Sales Boosting Features – The Upsell, Downsell, and Order Bump features automatically provide personalized suggestions to clients to increase the total value of their purchase and entice them to buy more. 
  • Affiliate Management – Coaches who employ affiliate programs can manage and track affiliates and automate commission payments from Simplero.
  • Done-for-you Campaigns – Ready-made templates inspired by proven launch strategies can streamline your efforts to boost your list of subscribers, promote services, conduct surveys, and more.
  • No Scheduling Feature – The tool lacks a scheduling feature, which might be a deal-breaker for some. 

Simplero Pricing: Starts at $59 per month 

UpCoach vs Life Coach Hub

Life Coach Hub logo - Life Coach Hub Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Life Coach Hub is a one-stop-shop coaching software that delivers scheduling, automation, content delivery, coaching templates, group coaching, website builder, and marketing tools. While Life Coach Hub is more comprehensive than UpCoach, UpCoach has a more intuitive and sleek interface. Uncover all there is to know about Life Coach Hub by reading our detailed review.

  • Group Coaching – Deliver your group sessions and programs seamlessly with Life Coach Hub’s group coaching functionality. 
  • Interactive Coaching Toolkit – The interactive toolbox is quite a unique feature that comprises numerous customizable templates that you can use for coaching, including coaching plans, journals, coaching assessments, welcome packages, and more. 
  • Marketing and Website Packages Cost Extra – Life Coach Hub can help you optimize your website, increase your online visibility, and boost your social media presence; however, these services come at an additional cost. 

Life Coach Hub Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $17 per month 

UpCoach vs Delenta

Delenta logo - Delenta Reviews – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

Delenta takes a comprehensive approach to coaching management by addressing various aspects of your business such as session scheduling, payment processing, client relationships, and landing page design. It even provides the option to set up a mobile app for clients and collaborate with coaches or team members. See for yourself what Delenta has to offer by reading our detailed review.

  • Multi-Coach Platform – Centralize your collaborations by teaming up on the Delenta platform and share access, delegate tasks, and more.
  • Package Creator – Delenta has a powerful but intuitive package creator that lets you create various courses and packages as well as customize their design. 
  • Displaying Rewards and Recognition – With this feature, your clients won’t have to look for information about your education and experience since you can showcase your rewards and recognition directly on your coaching profile. 

Delenta Pricing: Starts at $19 per user per month. For a limited time, Delenta is offering 50% off your first purchase of their product, whether it be a monthly or yearly plan. Just use the code LCM50 to get the discount.

UpCoach vs Bonsai

Bonsai logo - Bonsai Reviews, Features, and Pricing – A Complete Guide

When it comes to complete administrative management, Bonsai may be the best solution. Behind that beautiful design, this software packs powerful features for automation, scheduling, client management, online payments, contracts, and even financial management. Read all about Bonsai in our in-depth review.

  • Financial Management – Bonsai provides a full financial management solution, including payments, accounting, banking, and taxes.
  • Powerful Automation – The automation feature simplifies your coaching process by automatically sending intake forms to clients before sessions, syncing their contact information with your CRM, and finalizing invoices, contracts, reminders, session notes, and other crucial information with a few clicks.
  • Project Management – With Bonsai, managing your clients and organizing your coaching projects will be a breeze, and you can even invite collaborators to your projects to help track time and manage tasks together.

Bonsai Pricing: Starts at $17 per month

UpCoach vs Profi

Profi logo - Profi – Is It Right for Your Coaching Business?

While UpCoach’s features align better with the needs of small businesses, Profi can serve small, medium, and large coaching organizations. With Profi, you can automate and organize your bookings, create and deliver signature coaching programs, track progress, generate reports, manage clients and teams, and co-author coaching programs. Our in-depth review can give you the full picture of Profi.

  • Co-Hosting Feature – Profi will enable you to run joint sessions and co-create programs with fellow coaches. 
  • Built-in Video and Chat – Minimize the list of software you’re using with Profi’s integrated video and chat functionalities. 
  • Course Creation – Design and deliver signature programs and let them run on autopilot. Also, you can make programs more engaging by integrating coaching quizzes and adding interactive sessions into the programs.

Profi Pricing: Starts at $99 per month

UpCoach vs Dubsado

Dubsado is a project management tool not just for coaches but for any freelancer who wants to optimize their business. UpCoach has the advantage when it comes to coaching-specific features like course delivery and program builder, but Dubsado includes invoicing and online payments. 

  • Client Portal – Provide your clients with convenient access to a range of essential features such as forms, contracts, and invoice payment options.
  • Proposal-Based Sales Process – Many coaching software automate finalizing agreements, but with Dubsado, this will be a multi-step process that involves presenting a custom proposal, sending a contract, following up with an invoice, and requesting payment.
  • Steep Learning Curve – The intricate nature of Dubsado can result in spending hours grappling with the software to comprehend all of its abilities.

Dubsado Pricing: Starts at $20 per month

UpCoach vs 17Hats

This all-in-one small business management solution finds itself among the popular coaching solutions due to its robust features, even though it is not coach-centric. The 17Hats toolbox includes CRM, scheduling, payments, expense tracking, contracts, invoicing, email templates, payment plans, reporting, time management, and lead management.

  • Time Management – Maximize your productivity with automated reminders, accessible to-do lists, note-keeping, and a central location of all your schedules, appointments, and responsibilities. 
  • Various Payment Plans – While UpCoach doesn’t have online payment solutions, 17Hats supports even automatic payments and recurring billing.
  • Limited Features – 17Hats is a powerful tool without a doubt, but it lacks coaching tools like group coaching, content delivery, and program builder. 

17Hats Pricing: Starts at $13 per month

UpCoach vs Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach shares some similarities with UpCoach in terms of not offering payment solutions; however, the main difference is that Nudge Coach stands out with a customized app for mobile coaching. In addition to the coaching app, Nudge Coach includes scheduling, content delivery, integrated chat, managing your list of clients, and progress tracking.

  • Customized Coaching App – Deliver your content and enable scheduling at any time, anywhere, by providing your clients with a customized coaching app.
  • Limited Features – Nudge Coach doesn’t offer some relevant coaching features such as program builder, contract signing, and marketing tools.
  • No Payment Functionality – You won’t be able to send proposals, invoices, and contracts through Nudge Coach, but rather just focus on engagement and content delivery.

Nudge Coach Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $60 per month (or $300 per year)

UpCoach vs Satori

We’re wrapping up the list of alternatives with a popular all-in-one coaching software, Satori. This software can assist you with numerous tedious tasks by enabling scheduling, client enrollment automation, simple client management, automatic follow-ups, easy package creation, group session functionality, and more.  

  • Client Portal – Let your clients take control of their coaching journey through the client-facing dashboard, which allows them to schedule sessions, check agreements, access billing history, and update their profiles.
  • Group Coaching – Create and sell diverse group coaching services such as group classes, workshops, and coaching groups. 
  • Different Payment Options – With Satori, you can offer your clients discounts, custom billing cycles, and payment plans.

Satori Pricing: Free basic plan; Paid plans start at $8 per month

Summary & Recommendations

Instead of having to deal with a bunch of complicated and frustrating systems that don’t work well together, all-in-one coaching software helps you manage everything from a single easy-to-use platform. With so many great options, there’s no need for you to rush your decision. If you need more information about some of these tools, you can browse our in-depth reviews for a complete breakdown of their features, pricing, and pros and cons.

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