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15 Best Life Coaching Podcasts You Should Listen To

Last updated on March 15, 2024

What better way to pass the time than with a good podcast?

In this article, we are diving into the podcasts every life coach needs to hear. Expect to find amazing content packed with tips and tricks from the pros that’ll keep you ahead in the coaching game. 

Whether you’re on your daily commute, hitting the gym, or just kicking back, these podcasts are the perfect way to soak up some serious coaching smarts. 

1. Mel Robbins Podcasts

Hosted by Mel Robbins, a renowned life coach and motivational speaker, this podcast is a treasure trove of advice for personal and professional growth. 

Mel is known for her practical, no-nonsense approach and a knack for connecting with listeners on a deep level. Each episode dives into different aspects of life coaching and self-improvement, offering valuable insights and strategies to listeners.

If you don’t know where to begin, we recommend the “Let Them” podcast episode that went viral, where Mel unveils her theory for taking back control and achieving emotional peace. 

2. The Life Coach School Podcast

Brooke Castillo, the visionary behind The Life Coach School, is a respected life coach with over 15 years of experience. Aside from her coaching practice, she is also a renowned marketing expert and an accomplished author

Her podcast, The Life Coach School Podcast, covers a broad spectrum of topics, from dealing with emotions and improving relationships to building a successful coaching business. Brooke’s style is direct and empowering, providing listeners with actionable tools and techniques.

3. The Life Coach Business Podcast

Amanda Karlstad is a high-level business coach and scaling expert whose specialty is working with coaches and online entrepreneurs. Her podcast, The Life Coach Business Podcast, offers practical advice on running a coaching business, including marketing, client management, and financial planning.

4. The Confidence Podcast

Trish Blackwell’s Confidence Podcast isn’t your run-of-the-mill confidence booster. Through engaging conversations and actionable tips, this podcast will guide you toward instilling confidence in yourself and your clients. 

The Confidence Podcast is all about self-assurance and easy-to-implement mindset strategies. If you give this podcast a try, you’ll see what makes it one of the top-rated podcasts for self-improvement.

5. Make Some Noise Podcast

Hosted by Andrea Owen, Make Some Noise Podcast is all about empowering women to live their most authentic and fulfilling lives. 

Andrea tackles topics like self-love, personal development, and resilience, often bringing in expert guests to share their insights. Her relatable and engaging approach makes complex subjects easy to understand and actionable for her listeners.

two life coaches on a podcast

6. Make Money as a Life Coach Podcast

Stacey Boehman’s Make Money as a Life Coach Podcast lays it all bare, demystifying how to make a living while making a difference. 

The podcast offers a blend of inspiration, business strategy, and practical advice on marketing, client acquisition, and sales techniques. 

When you take into account that she evolved from selling mops in Wal-Mart to making millions as a master sales expert and life coach, it’s pretty clear what makes her an authority on the subject. 

7. Think Unbroken Podcast

The Think Unbroken Podcast is your guide to overcoming challenges and teaching your clients to do the same. Hosted by coach and speaker Michael Unbroken, this podcast covers some serious topics like healing childhood trauma, narcissistic abuse, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and mental health issues. 

If you’re a trauma-informed coach, anxiety coach, mental health coach, or in a similar profession, this is the podcast to listen to. You’ll learn about tools used by trauma coaches, therapists, mindset leaders, and neuroscientists that you can implement into your practice.

8. Jay Shetty Podcast

Jay Shetty, a former monk turned motivational speaker and coach, hosts this podcast focusing on wisdom, wellness, and purpose. 

Known for his storytelling and insightful interviews, Jay brings together thought leaders, experts, and celebrities to discuss topics like mental health, relationships, and self-improvement. His podcast is a mix of deep conversations and actionable advice, making it popular among a wide audience.

9. The Hell Yes Entrepreneur

Becca Pike’s The Hell Yes Entrepreneur is not your average business success podcast. It is a combination of business strategies and inspiration for a holistic approach to building a thriving coaching business. 

Becca’s entrepreneurial journey began with Massage Strong, a physical therapy massage studio that evolved into a thriving 7-figure enterprise. After she conquered her business goals, Becca founded Hell Yes Coaching and launched The Hell Yes Entrepreneur podcast.

10. Transformation Academy Podcasts

You might have heard about the well-known Transformation Academy coaching certification program, but you might now know they also have a collection of podcasts, including The Profitable Coach, Freedom or Burst, Life Coaching Toolbox, The Empowered Mind, Turning Pain into Purpose, and Online Course Revolution.

In these podcasts, the founders, Joeel and Natalie Rivera, share business secrets, mindset mastery tips, insights on personal development, and so much more. 

life coach podcasting mic

11. The Coaching Masters Podcast

The Coaching Masters Podcast is your backstage pass to coaching mastery and practical entrepreneurship insights. The podcast is hosted by Lewis Raymond Taylor, a coaching trainer and international speaker, and Liam James Collins, an international mindset coach for celebrities. 

Both have managed to build a multi-million dollar empire, and through their podcast, they share the lessons they’ve learned along the way. 

12. Health Coach Conversations

Health Coach Conversations is tailored specifically for health and wellness coaches. It addresses various topics in the health coaching field, including nutrition, fitness, wellness strategies, and the business aspects of running a health coaching practice. 

The show features interviews with experts in health and wellness, offering valuable insights for coaches in this niche area.

13. Coaching For Leaders

Coaching For Leaders is a podcast made for leadership coaches and workplace leaders who want to develop their coaching skills to lead more effectively. 

Topics covered in Coaching For Leaders range from communication and team management to emotional intelligence and decision-making. The podcast also delves into personal growth and self-awareness, emphasizing their importance in effective leadership

14. NLP MasterCLASS

If we’re to single out the best NLP podcast, that would be the NLP MasterCLASS

This podcast is hosted by two international NLP master trainers, Tina Taylor and Steve Crabb. Tina and Steve offer not just theoretical knowledge but also practical applications of NLP techniques in various aspects of life.

Their episodes often include discussions on how NLP can enhance personal growth, improve communication skills, and aid in overcoming psychological barriers to success. 

They also dive into advanced topics such as the use of NLP in therapy, business, and education, making their content relevant to different audiences.

If you are an NLP coach, NLP MasterCLASS is a must-listen podcast. 

15. Christian Coaching School Podcast

Christian Coaching School Podcast©, hosted by Dr. Leelo Bush, a globally recognized authority on Christian life coaching, explores how to incorporate Christian beliefs into coaching practices.

Dr. Bush’s episodes cover topics such as addressing the spiritual needs of clients and applying Christian values to personal and professional development. 


In summary, this article offers a diverse collection of podcasts for anyone interested in personal and professional development. As you explore them, you’ll gain access to a world of wisdom that can transform your coaching practice into something more rewarding. 

So plug in your earbuds, press play, and get ready to be inspired by some of the best in the field.

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